Your heart knows truth

Your heart knows truth…listen. Feel, love. Live from the magnificence of your heart for it knows truth.


We begin to heal the World from the inside out as we each take responsibility for our own body, mind and soul. As we are the only thinkers in our mind we control our own beliefs. We’re beholden only to our own soul for our true essence is infinite spirit energy. We must though do the human work internally on our own shadow self. Clear out all the debris, all the negative unwanted ‘fears’, lies and untruths lurking within for then we can begin anew.

Healing happens when we surrender and let go of all that we ‘thought’ was true. Letting go allows space for our feelings. For when we really really feel, then we begin to heal.

Keeping ourself ‘locked’ into the duality of ‘dis’-ease can be one block to our own healing. It can be hard to grasp at first how you can get well on the one hand whilst still clutching on the other hand to that labelled ‘ism’ given us by society. This was certainly the case for me as I found these two conflicting energies did not equate. Once I recognised this thought process and stopped labelling myself my perception switched. Then my healing journey began.

Our shadow self is those aspects which we often ignore because it is too painful to go there… Too much like hard work, we don’t believe we can……

When we make a commitment to self to help ourselves to be in a happier state of BE-ing then all sorts of changes and opportunities open up for us.


Assimilation time after we have chosen to do work on ourselves is a period of time which I know many struggle with. This could be because we don’t want to drink water. Or have a hot salt bath, even though we know that these will ease the process of flushing out residual toxins. It could be persistent resistance which can have many layers to shift through. Often it can be impatience, wanting to run before we can walk. Be mindful of the importance to recognise our feelings during assimilation time, being kind from and to our own heart. Those who choose to work with me to find ways of helping themselves are always held in loving heart space for I honour their commitment to change.

The space we have created in surrendering and letting go gives room for exciting new experiences to flow in. Yet whilst I know (sometimes may only be for a while) we may ‘loose’ certain friends, even family. Hard as it may seem, I also know in our own hearts that this is a necessary part of our own evolutionary healing journey.

How our healing works is to bring to the surface little by little that which is no longer helpful to us in our life. The more work we do on ourselves, best of all learning to truly love ourselves the more expansive we become. When we each do our part in working with our shadow self the World then changes. The world too evolves with loving appreciation of all our efforts to heal.

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Believe – Your heart knows truth

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