World Mental Health Day


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Hello, how are you all feeling I wonder… Those of you who know me will know that I always like to share my feelings on life and all things spiritual. And that I have long been a holistic mental health advocate. So much is spoken these days about our mental health. Yet what of our Spiritual Health? After all we are in essence spiritual beings living a human experience.

And as today, 10 October 2022 is World Mental Health Day what more appropriate time to feel into our innate spirituality.

Spiritual Health Awareness

Today brings a great opportunity to connect with professionals who work across the many diverse roles in mental healthcare. To connect with service providers who are leaning toward adopting a holistic approach in their wellness programs. For within these programs must be included an awareness of spiritual health. Yet firstly in acknowledging an understanding of what spirituality is, for it is not as many would believe a religion.

Spirituality is inherent. It is inherent in every single soul, every atom, every molecule. No matter whether we are human, animal, mammal, other worldly, we are all in essence spiritual beings. We are all separate yet all one. Because we all come from the same Source of Creation, that of pure unconditional Love. All differing aspects of the one multidimensional whole.

Spirituality is the most vital aspect in holistic mental healthcare that is rarely if ever addressed. Yet it is our core essence of being. Simply working with a person as a ‘label’ and not their core underlying causes is like applying a band-aid to prevent full recovery. Without looking at this aspect of our soul we will never reach the whole (holistic) healing we are seeking. We wouldn’t be able to complete a jigsaw with one piece missing so why would we leave out the core essence of our being, spirituality? It makes no sense.

Loving Our Ego

Let’s take a little deeper look… We all chose to be here at this time upon this planet that we call Earth. Whether this was for a first-time experience, or as old souls who have spent many lifetimes here, we are all here to further our own evolutionary growth. And as we evolve so too does this planet that we all reside in.

And Love is the key! We are all born a ball of pure unconditional love, yet we all have free will. This free will we have is where I believe ‘complications’ arise in life when we lose sight of our spiritual connection in being caught up in our ego self. Though these experiences are also ones which we have chosen to navigate through in this lifetime.

Using the 3Principles of mind, consciousness and thought; Louise L Hay and Wayne Dyer’s teachings of love and positivity; Miriam Rose’s teachings; Indigenous practices from across the centuries and more, are all ways in which one’s spirituality can be explored. We can truly learn to love ourselves and others through having a greater awareness of our spirituality, and an understanding of when our ego is in the way.


Also, we all have our own unique gifts that we bring with us into this incarnation. And we are meant to use these gifts for the greater good of all humanity not simply to be ego driven by power and monetary gain. We can have all the money in the world yet still feel unhappy and unfulfilled if our ego has us disconnected from our inherent soul source, our nourishment.

Our heart is the centre of love in our physical bodies. When we feel from our heart space rather than thinking from our mind, we remain in touch with our true essence of being. Our authentic truth. The truths our souls came here to share with one another.

There is so much more to spirituality yet by its very nature is simplistic in its essence.” – Jenny Tollinton


Mental Wellness

It has long been an aspiration of mine to see spirituality at the forefront of mental health programs. For only then will we truly see people begin to flourish and heal. And this planet we call Earth will become a peaceful haven for all who reside here. BELIEVE, for it is possible.

Way back in 2014 I wrote a paper entitled ‘Because Mental Health Matters’ inviting mental health bodies worldwide to work in tandem together with healing practitioners around the globe. Rather than working in contradiction with us. And whilst I am aware that there have been many positive changes within a lot of health bodies this core change to include spiritual awareness is still sadly missing, unless of course you can point me in the direction of any understanding services…

For those of you in the profession and those who have an interest in mental wellbeing you may find ‘LOVE unconditional a short journey in time through the eyes of mental health’ published on World Mental Health Day 2021 to be a very valuable mental health reference resource tool. Our story giving only a tiny snippet into what it is like to live encased in chaos all the while knowing there is the light at the end of the tunnel when finally, the spiritual switch is flicked back on.

You can find ‘LOVE unconditional’ here and here or in person by calling in at The Book Dragon, 6 West Row, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 1BT


And here are a few links to some wonderful souls who share with love and gratitude their way of ‘being’. 3P’sLouise HayWayne DyerMiriam Rose

I trust you have found beyond the words some enlightenment within your own soul and that wherever you are in your life in this moment that you can find ‘Your peace within’.

Have a wonderful, wonderful World Mental Health Day.

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