I have 3 of Jenny’s portraits. As I reminisce, I realise how very far I have actually come. My portraits show me my soul evolvement over this last decade bringing a sense of perspective and clarity as I acknowledge their presence. From ‘My Beautiful Angel’ Way-shower to ‘My STEELY Warrior’ holding the love for all, no matter what. To ‘My Blue Ray’ essence. Striding out and stepping forward into my ‘Come on Jenny, you can!’ incredible Star Being!


Way back in March 2013 ‘My Beautiful Angel‘ portrait emerged.

My Beautiful Angel
‘My Beautiful Angel’ – Copyright © Jenny Smedley


Being a teacher, writer and healing channel I feel these aspects are being shown to me through the three spotlights. I had to accept all three as my truth. Always aware that we all have a soul purpose. And I really needed to get on with mine. Firstly this meant working in more earnest on my own healing and growth. I had also always longed to live by the sea and in autumn 2011 my dream came true. So how awesome were Jenny’s first comments that, this one was in a hurry and she looks like her feet are in the sea…


Lots of beautiful souls share their readings on all Jenny’s portraits too so we receive a whole host of Divine teamwork messages. These additional messages always resonate with me, such as choices and seeming serene. I was…in the the calm before the storm!

Shared messages which reflect my character in being forthright. A steadfast and loyal true friend with an immense capacity for speaking truth honestly with others. For I see no point really in beating about the bush. That I have a way of showing people how to be authentically honest. I take the first move forward, in the hope of inspiring others. That I have mediator skills I never acknowledged. And the feeling of being stifled in the past. Finally home in living by the sea. It is true I had felt somewhat stifled living in the confines of a city for over 50 years. Now able to breathe freely and be who I AM.


Facing up to all my fears and remaining strong, in August 2014 along came ‘My STEELY Angel’ right on q!

‘My STEELY Angel’ – Copyright © Jenny Smedley
STEELY’ I sure had to be!


I knew she would arrive quickly as I could really do with extra help at that time. WOW what a transformation from ‘My Beautiful Angel’ of 17 months earlier! Apart from the strength I know I’ve had to have, digging real deep, and the dark blue I see showing that’s pushing up from the bottom of the wings, I was speechless… After which I soon found my voice once more lol!

There was so much to tell… A most incredible personal healing journey happened after I was compelled to channel yet another healing which left the person in awe and totally changed forever. My faith, trust and belief hung on in there till the bitter/sweet end. There remained a smile on their face never seen before for a number of years as they said, well, it’s completely changed me.’ Then Jenny saying, No wonder she has that steely look – having to bring that through.

Wow, did I really help bring those healing energies through me. How awesome is Source when we trust!



Once a commitment is made to self to follow your evolutionary path there can never be any turning back. No matter how hard and rocky the road becomes pushing through is an absolute must. If not, you are simply going to remain stuck! Gazing into the image of STEELY would always guide me forward in Faith, Trust and Belief.

Toward the end of 2019 Jenny started channelling Star Being portraits. I got to wondering how my first shy Way-shower Angel who had then become my STEELY determined Angel looks as my Star Being. And what messages they would bring… What followed a year ago, last December absolutely blew me away!!!



My Blue Ray‘ essence came through in the most amazingly vibrant shades of the blues and purples as I knew it would.

My Blue Ray Star Being
‘My Blue Ray’ Star Being – Copyright © Jenny Smedley

My initial reaction was, ‘Oh my gosh, how I have grown. This is me to a T!!!’ I waited as all the lovely readers words came flooding in before sharing my own.

A dear friend Charli commented, ‘Goodness!! Striding right in to do something very purposeful. Calm and focused.‘ They received a resounding ‘YEP, sure am’ from me.

Everything that everyone said is fabulous. Such great insight from so many incredible readers all picking up on the Androgynous energy with a more feminine aspect. My ability to move energy through time and space for Source to shift and heal events both future and past. Coupled with a lioness strength that I hold for all in my care. My colours purple and blue. Purple being a reminder for me to invoke the violet flame of St Germain in times of angst and confusion. Blue representing the mother Mary aspect within my soul of gentle, nurturing love.

Stepping up

Being about to discover my true potential in this coming year meant I would have to be fearless. Be a strong and powerful healing channel and to accept that I am to march forward with determination. No excuses. I believe this Star Being depicts me, the essence of my Be-ing.

Another dear friend, Pauline commented, ‘It is said that we originated from the purple planet. This has been confirmed by scientists as being the beginning of human life billions of years ago. Apparently the purple light of some can be seen from space. To me this being is both male and female. But I will say “she” for the purpose of comments. The blue represents intelligence and using your voice to get your point across while the purple represents not only the planet and your inner light but your spirituality. You may have felt that you don’t belong here and are finding it tough going. I feel you are under pressure and can’t get your breath at times. But she is very calming which is why she is here, she offers healing to you also.


I love receiving insightful knowledge of this kind. And it’s so helpful to others to be able to understand more about other Beings. Great healing has indeed come throughout this year with so much extra self-reflection healing time available for most of us. A chance for us to slow down. To still the mind ‘chatter’, and just BE.

More great insightful knowledge came from dear Jeannie who commented, ‘I believe she is from Adhara. This is located in the star system Canis Major, very close to Sirius. They are quiet people and have no intention of ever having a war. There is order and peace and they live for one another. I don’t believe her hair is natural, it looks like it is made from animal fur, it hides her cone shaped head.‘ The hair like a lions mane, I feel depicts my inner strength that I had to draw upon many times, often leaving me in awe at the depths of where it had come from. How I always manage to have all the stamina needed in any given moment.

They are creative and highly imaginative. Can perform telepathy and telekinesis. They have great knowledge in technological development and healing. Being alone is something they are content with, but some have large families so not always alone. They are self taught and very smart. They do not do well in the confining school system.‘ So true! I believe this will resonate with many people, and is why almost everything that I do is self-taught…through innate remembrance of past, future, parallel lives, our inherent sense of knowing. ‘Sensitive to energy, very observant and seldom take advice as they like to try things for themselves.’


I have always been very sensitive to energies. Now though, through learning to ‘feel‘ in the human I am able to channel more easily for Source to transmute and bring in the healing. I abhor violence though have in past lives and at breaking point in this life shown human anger and rage.To the point on a couple of occasions where it could have caused fatal harm. Thankfully my loving empathic, inherent soul who knows the essence of truth held out.

I am not enamoured by my shadow side behaviour. Yet I am able to acknowledge and learn from it. To accept that it is an aspect of ‘my’ self that needs nurturing and loving in just the same as any other aspect before forgiveness can happen. Because only then can I move on from those lessons. ‘Are very forgiving once they have seen loyalty from someone. They are loving and affectionate, they do not like glamour and wealth, they have no need for it. Peacekeepers and they try to avoid confrontation.’ I do often find myself in the role of mediator. You are a healer, sensitive, intelligent…


I AM of the Blue Ray. Unseen light-workers now striding forward in speaking out and sharing truth. And why I am in total AWE of ‘My Blue Ray’ Star Being portrait! I am also helped along by all the wonderful comments that keep me focused and grounded in this human reality. Like many others around the globe. I quietly help to cleanse dark energies through pure unconditional Source Love. Paving the way for others that follow hoping that they do not have to experience the traumas that I have. Whilst recognising that if it is part of their own lessons here to learn, then they too must go through their own experiences.


First and foremost healing myself. Then came the ancestral healing back to the primeval, through and out for the collective. I am both Alpha Male and Female Alpha, as are we all. All from the same Source of Creation.

I am a people person, love my swimming teaching role. I love meeting and helping others. And am not afraid to speak out for justice. Any way that I can help for the betterment of humanity. Qualifiing in this lifetime as a Reiki Seichem teaching master, a ThetaHealing® practitioner, and more. Aware though that the healing which channels through me for others has become more advanced as St Germain, AA Michael, and Melchizedek work through me. They, along with the Acturian Council and Silver Light Beings.

I do see space ships in the portrait too. The blonde haired heads, other Beings and a baby Dragon. I do use my hands to transmute energies and have Light Language flow through me for over 5 years now. Being present in this now moment I can accept too that whilst I may not ‘understand’ Light Language in human terms, in my heart I feel therefore my soul understands. For as I resonate I feel the pure force of love and peace that it’s messages bring.


…oh I could go on and on lol! SheHe Me is absolutely stunning and I just knew would be Blue!

Now I step into 2021, in-tune with the very essence of my being. Fully accepting of my role here, out from under the veil. No more excuses. I am thankful to Jenny for sharing her talented Angel gift. And to her and all the dear souls for allowing me to share their comments here today. Comments which helped me to validate my existence. I am grateful for each and every person, and each and every experience I have in this life as my soul growth continues to expand. As always, I continue to be here as a way shower for those of you who wish to seek Soul Guidance.

My wish is that you have found some comfort in understanding a little of my own awareness. Of my own evolution, both through mine and others insightful comments on my portraits. I truly hope that it has helped you to recognise the strength and knowledge that you too have within your own heart centre. That it gives you the courage to seek out and live fulfilling your own soul purpose. Strength that has always been, and will always, be there. You can tap into it any time you like so that you may live the life that you truly wish to live.

We are meant to be happy! It is my New Year Wish for All you Beautiful Souls that you too reconnect to your infinite Wisdom and Divine power within.


SendingWishes to All you Beautiful SOULS on this most amazing of New Years Eve’s for a Life filled with Love – Peace – Freedom – Happiness – Joy – Fun & Laughter!




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