Unity in the Oneness of Love

When we are in divine flow with ‘all that is’ the feeling of pure bliss in our soul is enormous.

When we feel stuck we can look for the lessons behind why this could be…

Perhaps we are having an internal battle about speaking our truth or maybe we are feeling that our nearest and dearest won’t love us anymore because we dare to speak up and speak out. What if we dare? Dare to step up and speak our truth from our own soul heart centre. What could be the worse thing that could happen? Our nearest and dearest might not want to know us anymore, yes that may happen or maybe just maybe they too will pause a moment… maybe they are having similar feelings of turmoil inside themselves not knowing what to do.

As they begin to see us grow and flourish undaunted by any feelings of anxiety or fear we are helping them to see that it is ok to follow our soul truth. When we take back our power and stand in our authentic truth in the oneness of love we become unified with all that there is.

Faith 6

When we feel powerless and lost we are blocking not only ourselves, we are blocking Universal flow.

Stand Strong!

By stepping up and stepping out in our own power not only will we gain more strength and clarity we give our nearest and dearest an opportunity too to see how beneficial it is to own our own power, to take charge of our own lives beholden to nothing other than our own truth. Trusting, for then our freedom really does flow in divine timing as we all Unite in the Oneness of Love.

Trust 7

Have a beautiful, uplifting day full of pure unconditional loving truth.


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