1. Trump card!

Trump card – Keep being the Star that you are!

Remember we are multifaceted beings…this card is the trump card in the deck!

Going within into our heart centre we can draw upon all the wisdom of the entire multiverse when we just remain still. Listen and feel for answers. They are there. No one and nothing except our very own heart knows our truth. We can be who we are. Beautiful souls of the multiverse.

Setting the intention of our desires. Feeling through our loving heart centre. Visualising all the love and peace that is all around, we can manifest in our highest and best for the good of all humanity.

This card is also the 13 Chakra card. Are you grounding daily, connecting your physical body through your Soul and Spirit to Source/Creator of All? Remaining grounded is so very, very important, now more than ever. Firstly by setting our intention. There are so many ways that we can do this from simple grounding techniques. To the more in-depth total immersion in our salty seas or bath.

Wherever you are in this now moment I share with you much love, wishing you the greatest peace and happiness always.

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