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Today I had the pleasure of experiencing the expertise of Reiki healing by Jenny. I felt very tired and groggy before the healing, I left feeling fresher with more energy. The care and kindness just oozes from Jenny. I will definitely go back and encourage others to experience this.


Amazing work, I contacted Jenny after being assaulted several months ago and was having continuous headaches behind my left eye, Jenny initiated distance healing using Reiki Seichem, over the following days after the session my headaches started to ease and eventually stopped. Thanks again for working your magic 5*

Paul Kitchener

‘LOVE unconditional’

An amazing story of how unconditional love can overcome, little by little, even the worst imaginable childhood trauma. Jenny, through her beautiful verse, and Alan, through his stunning artwork, depict a life story that moves from total despair, through forgiveness, to unbridled joy and happiness. The latter found late in life, as a result of a true, unconditional, loving relationship. Literally from darkness to light. An inspiring story well worth a read!

Hiram, South America

Thank you so much for my drum and light language healing today. I was in so much pain all night, it started a couple of days ago again. I have various health issues, my back has been in spasm and inflammation flared up massively, my skin was affected as it always is when I get really bad. The feeling of freedom and the tension lifting, well the spasms stopped, it really is nothing short of amazing! I’ve been in tears with the pain through the night. Everything was so tense. You have helped me so much I had to say a huge Thankyou!! I can’t recommend you enough, it feels like a miracle to me today. Xx

M. D.

​’LOVE unconditional’

I could not put this book down, had to turn to the next page to read the next poem, the poetry just flows & very touching words but combined with artwork is amazing, definitely recommend.

Stephen Rudd

I would like to give you some feedback and thanks for my Reiki session with you. Since the treatment up to 2 days after I felt terrible, which is amazing, it was ridding my body of dense energy as it should. Since then, I’ve had some tremendous shifts that have played out in my external world, in the way of people showing their true colours and me having to stand and speak my truth. So empowering and exhausting too so being kind to myself. Let’s just see what this new moon in Gemini creates but I suggest its already started for me with communication balance.

Thank you for your amazing healing, love and light.



Had a lovely Reiki treatment with Jenny she talked through everything at the beginning made me feel comfortable.


Facebook 5 Star Review

Thank you ever so much for a great holistic session today. I left your studio feeling ready to face my challenges with a renewed determination to succeed and 100% positivity.


Thanks, Jenny, for this evenings Reiki session. Was feeling a little sceptical at first but actually feel relaxed and re energised now.


‘Teno Hands To Healing Hands’

Jenny is an inspiration. Her book illustrates her tenacious and determined character which led her through the dark times to the healing light.


I have sampled many of the services Jenny has to offer.

Reiki, ear candling, life coaching and the toning bed. I’ve also purchased a pack of her highly original SoulStar cards.

I can thoroughly recommend all of them.

They all made a positive difference to me and I would recommend anyone to try them.


Facebook 5 Star Review

I would highly recommend Jenny who offers a holistic treatment to her clients. Jenny is a very warm person and I found her very supportive and easy to talk to. I suffer with anxiety and insomnia and have been to see her on numerous occasions for various therapies but I especially like the Reiki as it makes me so relaxed.


Facebook 5 Star Review

‘Teno Hands To Healing Hands’

Jen, in my darkest moments, I thought of you, and I knew there was hope. I just had to find the strength to turn my life around and through trial and error I found the way. Exercise, deep tissue massage and acupuncture have helped me. Along with a will to get better and learning how far I could push myself and when to rest. Also accepting help, Mum is still looking after J. I don’t know what we would have done without her being willing and able to do it. I certainly wouldn’t be so far ahead in my recovery if it were not for her. I look forward to being able to push the pram again and look after her full time 🙂 god bless you Jenny, whilst I know my pain wasn’t as bad as yours, mine being mainly in my arms. I can now say that I have an understanding of how you felt and it’s a terrible thing to go through but makes you stronger and better for it. Take care and god bless you.

Ros, Australia


I am delighted to share my experience with Jenny Tollinton as my spiritual integration coach. Jenny has been an unwavering beacon on my path to self-discovery and personal growth. Her unique combination of qualities makes her an exceptional guide.

Jenny’s rare blend of incisiveness, compassion, and insight sets her apart in this profession. She has delved deep into core issues and guided me toward understanding and resolution. Her compassionate nature makes me feel heard, valued, and supported.

What truly sets Jenny apart is her elegant and refined delivery. She imparts wisdom and guidance with grace, ensuring that I feel safe and nurtured throughout the process. Her communication style is gentle and powerful, creating an environment where personal growth can flourish.

I cannot recommend Jenny enough!

Neidy Lozada, MATP

Founder and CEO, Soulful Sojourners, LLC, California, USA

Having known Jenny now for several years, I can say that she has fast become one of the most incredible people I have met. Jenny’s capacity for good, healing and wellbeing is limitless. Jenny has the unique ability to intuitively connect with her clients, which enables her to establish quickly how best she can provide her Spiritual Coaching Guidance.

In a time when people put their own spiritual and mental wellbeing behind everybody else’s, Jenny has dedicated her life to reminding us to love our selves, to be forgiving to all, and to heal from places we didn’t know existed within ourselves. Jenny conducts her work with the utmost honesty, integrity, and humility. I’d recommend to anybody to drop her a message, take the step and allow her to guide you to the first healing step of the journey back to you.

Paul Maull

International Spirit Medium/Tutor

Jenny was a great listener and helped me align to my spiritual path by releasing old programmes / vows. We used theta waves as a modality and this is something I have continued to use ever since. A powerful session and would recommend. Thank you Jenny.

Sue Westwood

Thank you so much Jenny for my amazing session today, honestly I feel so much stronger after talking with you, empowered and my energy has lifted dramatically, like a weight has shifted……I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect this shift in mindset, to see how to start a new pattern of thinking and behaviours which will add so much to not just my life, as I’ll be able to do so much more, to now know that I can make changes which will not only give me strength but help me feel capable of achieving whatever I set my intentions on…..powerful stuff ……..your amazing.


Facebook 5 Star Review

Jenny is a good listener, she makes you feel calm and relaxed.


This first session truly amazed me, when I started with Jenny, I felt my head was like a ball of tangled string. At the end of the session, I was quite amazed how I had started to unravel the string and felt that I had begun a journey of recovery. Thank you Jenny.

Jacqueline C

Jenny helped me sort my head out.


My session with Jenny was so helpful. I had reached a point in my life where I felt trapped and was struggling with many things including my mental health. Jenny’s process felt so powerful and definitely helped to shift something. It’s 3 days since my session so although I can’t say things have changed beyond recognition I do feel much more equipped to deal with the difficulties that do arise. I would recommend these sessions wholeheartedly, thank you Jenny.


Facebook 5 Star Review

Try not to revisit your past look forward to your future, thank you Jenny.



What an amazing gift Jenny has working with the cards she has made, brings so much into this read. It all confirmed so much to me. Every detail in the cards hold a message. Jenny is an insightful and attuned, accurate reader, reading both the energies and the cards which hold so much light energy, guiding you gently through so you get the messages you need to hear, which help you progress on your journey. This read helped me so so much. Healing my heart and soul, I got quite emotional as I felt all that had been released as well as seeing the progress I’ve made. LOVED this experience so much. I can’t thank you enough Jenny xx

Michelle D

Jenny is a beautiful soul who has been drawn to do the wonderful, inspirational work that she does so well. Jenny gave me a wonderful reading with her beautiful cards, and gave me a lot of hope and inspiration from the reading. Love her energy and enthusiasm, hope I get to work with Jenny sometime soon.

Chris M

I absolutely love these cards and although they are beautifully made, the meaning behind them is amazing and takes these cards to another level altogether. These are definitely the future generation cards which hold a lot more information and meaning than any other cards I have ever known. My reading blew my mind and was accurate and so in depth. I have never experienced anything like this even though I have been having my cards read for over 30yrs and I myself have a deck of cards, and often do my own readings. Would highly recommend getting a set as I myself am. The next level of cards are not only stunning to look at, to me, they are unworldly. Thank you so very much Jenny

Nyk D

I met Jenny at an event on more than two occasions and was introduced to her. I bought a book which helps my work empowering women with a history of substance misuse. Jenny kindly offered to give me a free taster card reading. I noticed the cards were full of colour and the reading was full of positivity. However there was a difference. The cards I pulled had a crystal pictured and mine was a Rose Quartz. That weekend I was practicing self care at a forest retreat and as I was leaving I was Gifted a huge piece of Rose Quartz, the stone of universal Love.


I had a reading from these cards and they’re in a class of their own. I would say that these are the future of tarot cards. Highly recommend them. X

Nici M

I really love these cards Jenny, I just feel connected to them. They connect souls and they were shouting out to me open the box, it was the card needed which was no coincidence. You should be proud of yourself for creating them, I am proud of you ✨💖

Stephen Rudd


LOVED my reading with Jenny who used her own SoulStar Cards!! The cards themselves are beautiful and energetic and the combination of Jenny’s gifts and that they are her cards just added such depth to the reading. So much of what she said hit me in that place of full-connection and knowing as I became visibly emotional! Highly recommend a reading with Jenny with the added recommendation to try a SoulStar Card reading! (Thank you, Jenny!)


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