Ear Candling – “About 2 years ago I was having a lot of ear infections and ear wax buildup. I was having my ears syringed about every 6 months. After a few treatments with the ear candles my ears started to settle down and they have been a lot better and don’t get infected now. Thank you Jenni” J.C.

Swimming Tuition – 5*Facebook Review – “Started Solo Swimming Lessons with Jenni @ Saltburn Leisure Centre.

I am 50+ and have been afraid of water since I was 5 … finally got my head around learning to swim as one of my bucket list things to do after 50!

All I needed was an understanding, patient swimming tutor …. and then I found Jenni.

From my first lesson I was really inspired to learn … great pace of instruction mixed with friendly encouragement and support … could not have found a better instructor.

I am definitely hooked and am enjoying absolutely every minute of my lessons.

off now to my 4th lesson …. last week (3rd lesson) I actually swam 10 metres on my back and 10m front … amazing feeling. Thank you so much Jenni”

Swimming Tuition – “Evening Jenny, I am over the moon with what I was able to achieve with your guidance this afternoon. Really excited to keep learning.” Dawn R.

Reiki – “Thank you Jenny for the reiki today. My emotional wellbeing was out of kilta and after the treatment I felt so much calmer. I can highly recommend both the reiki healing and Jenny’s friendly and professional approach.” Nicola N.

Life Coaching – “This first session truly amazed me, when I started with Jenny I felt my head was like a ball of tangled string.  At the end of the session I was quite amazed how, I had started to unravel the string, and felt that I had begun a journey of recovery. Thank you Jenny.” Jacqueline C.

(I have had the most humbling and kind words said to me today from a returning client. Brought a real swell to my heart and tear to my eyes, what a fantastic note to end my first week back — feeling blessedTHANK YOU Wendy P.)

You amaze me! I think you are the most dynamic and forward thinking woman I know, and that’s no word of a lie. You never loose sight of your goals no matter what obstacles and challenges are thrown at you.” Wendy P.

(What an awesome week re-starting back at PosiTone® / BELIEVE Holistic Therapies after having a much needed re-charge ‘time out‘ during 2016, so important for our mental health and well-being. Feeling greatly humbled by colleague and returning clients comments, Thank you lovely people.)

Very happy to be starting again, so glad you’re back ” E.T.

I am so proud of you Jenny, you are an amazing lady” D.W

(2016 brought many challenging life experiences, not least having to close PosiTone® / BELIEVE Holistic Therapies in June and take much need time out self-care. Rather than be afraid to share my vulnerabilities I see them as strengths and very valuable lessons which help enhance the quality of service to clients.)

(I LOVE it when my clients emerge into POSITIVITY!!!  LOVE it even more when they hand me their own affirmations, and when one of my lovely clients calls my room ‘the confidence’ room!)

Thank you ever so much for a great holistic session today. I left your studio feeling ready to face my challenges with a renewed determination to succeed and 100% positivity.” J.R.

Hi Jenny on Saturday 12th Jason (45) Rhys (9) and John (52) all did The Plank on my kitchen floor so me (wrong side of 65) had a go too. Apparently you build up to 60 I did it straight off. Where have I improved my Core strength that been overnight but its certainly worked for me, Thank you x” B.D.

PosiTone is not like exercise its therapy with the benefits of exercise. One session is just not long enough, it fly’s by.” D.H.

After 5 weeks I find I am more mobile and can walk without my stick in the flat.” M.P.

Helping to strengthen my Core, Sister finding it very useful too.” J.I.

Thoroughly enjoyed my session at PosiTone and cannot wait to go to my next appointment I have booked in already. I felt fantastic afterwards and cannot recommend Jenny enough, Lovely place and lovely Jenny. Get booked up now; honestly you not regret it.” Julie

For a low impact but effective, joint movement exercise programme, customised to your level and specific needs, try a session at PosiTone in Saltburn-by-the-Sea.  Jenny will guide you through each movement and assist you in creating a regular set of safe movements designed to work your hips, legs and shoulders through their natural range of motion to help loosen up any tight or stiff areas helping your body to rebalance itself.  Friendly, calm environment, definitely worth a visit.” Lynne

Need motivation to do things myself so its lovely to go on the bed which really helps me as always feel straighter when I get off.” Margaret 86 years’ young

Ladies of a certain age…„the only way to exercise and you feel great, Love this way of exercising and Jenny’s so good to chat to. If you find the thought a gym intimidating but want to exercise this is great} it works and you look and feel good.” Brenda

More to this than thought! Love its Starting a second course lower back much better.” A.S.

Really feeling the benefits of sessions especially on my shoulder. Great improvement all round, Highly recommend.” Vicky

Hi my name is Denise aged 46, I started Positone 4 weeks ago, due to a back injury I suffer with nerve damage in my legs and lower back my doctor aids the pain side of things but I found exercise hard to do, BUT thanks to Jenny’s help and Positone I feel my legs are getting stronger and toning up.

I enjoy my 2 sessions a week, Jenny is a good listener, she makes you feel calm and relaxed.” Denise

Thanks Jenny for this evenings Reiki session at Believe Holistic Therapies. Was feeling a little sceptical at first but actually feel relaxed and re energised.” J.K.

Try not to revisit your past look forward to your future, thank you Jenny.” B.D.

I had never been a thank you type of person.  Before I met Jenny, most of my life had been littered by constant apologies due to my reckless thoughtless actions, a drunk yes, and a manipulator chasing my own greed where all in my life got what they deserved.  A car crash waiting to happen is what often described me, divorce, broken relationships, lost friendships even petty criminal activities always scoffed at the spiritual, angel recovery type of realism, hippies I thought white middle class idiots, they have no place in the real world, bit of incense and chanting, green tea and carrot cake what a bunch of nutters.

Yet I knew in effect I was a lost soul, something was not right within me, tried the church, AA and counselling, for a short moment in my life I found a spiritual lift then returned to self.  My soul was riddled with demons, a vast reservoir of madness that I could not or would not stop.  My pain was overwhelming after an incident would sit and cry in pain not understanding what was going wrong in my life.

Roughly three years ago after a sickening and prolonged drinking binge I sought Jenny’s help. My demons were very real I sensed those demons within me, controlling me, willing me to oblivion.  At our first meeting I recognised the unconditional love within Jenny, not once did she condemn me question me or criticise me.  She saw a beauty in me that I could never imagine, I was a tortured soul entrapped in entities I was asked if I would like to rid myself of this (in my view) a manifestation of evil, and Jenny explained how she would work with me to clear the pain within me and rebuild my bewildering life.

I had had enough of my life, knew I would die soon, end up in prison or sectioned, needed Jenny, I needed to believe there was a different way, a chance maybe to live life without fear.

I remember my first entity removal I felt the force leave me, the physical feeling was like having a lump removed from my stomach, I actually felt it leave!  Jenny took me through what happened, and that angels were called upon to protect me and guide me.  From that day I can sense my own angels around me guiding me, I can also sense the negative in others and often wish I had the ability to stop their own pain.

To date Jenny has continued to help through my new beginnings from three years ago.  Hey, it has not happened over night, today the booze has gone, learn to love others, I wish well to all I meet.  And thank the universe for sending Jenny to me.

I send this to you all, some of you will understand it, already are part of it, some of you need it, want it, others just like I once did think it is mumbo jumbo rubbish but are you prepared to die or hurt others whilst you might make your mind up.  We all have choices in life mine was to engulf myself in evil madness or embrace a beautiful spiritual journey.  Today I thank my existence to the universe the angels and Jenny all who are responsible for my wellbeing.” A.T.

thank you jenny for healing me! felt great after my healing session on tues eves would highly recommend it! never felt so relaxed. must do it again! xx” Jackie

l can thoroughly recommend healing with Jenny as she has helped me enormously.

I have had two sessions with her now to help me deal with my Steep problems and other personal issues which were impacting on my life.

She is very easy to talk to and has a lovely demeanour that makes you feel at ease straightaway.” Janet R

Jenny is an inspiration. Her book illustrates her tenacious and determined character which led her through the dark times to the healing light.” G from West Yorkshire

Jen, in my darkest moments, I thought of you and I knew there was hope I just had to find the strength to turn my life around and through trial and error I found the way. Exercise, deep tissue massage and acupuncture have helped me. Along with a will to get better and learning how far i could push myself and when to rest. Also accepting help, Mum is still looking after Juliet’s I don’t know what we would have done without her being willing and able to do it. I certainly wouldn’t be so far ahead in my recovery if it were not for her. I look forward to being able to push the pram again and look after her full time 🙂 god bless you Jenny, whilst I know my pain wasn’t as bad as yours, mine being mainly in my arms. I can now say that I have an understanding of how you felt and it’s a terrible thing to go through, but makes you stronger and better for it. Take care and god bless you, love Ros xx” Melbourne, Australia

hey Jenny, wanted to let you know that you have been my silent friend’ you know what mean! will tell you all about my journey soon, I’m finally on the road to recovery but it’s been emotional as only you know too well. lots of love always, Ros xx” Melbourne, Australia