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Autobiography – Self-help, Mental Health Awareness

“This is Jenny’s story. In 1995, Jenny was diagnosed with a chronic form of repetitive strain injury which left her life in pieces. This is an inspirational tale of how Jenny and her family coped with everyday life after her diagnosis, and how Jenny battled through adversity and has managed to heal herself of her condition.

Jenny’s story will inspire anyone who lives with a long term chronic health condition and will also give employers a better understanding of the consequences of work induced injuries. Jenny is a woman to be admired, not only has she fought her own disability and won, she has also spread awareness of repetitive strain injuries in the work place throughout the United Kingdom.“

Author Preface

Would that I’d never had to produce this latest edition of my story, wishing that prevention would be the norm in this modern era. Sadly, twenty-eight years since my diagnosis the information within my autobiography authored in 2008, is still relevant today.

The purpose behind penning my story all those years ago was to help prevent others from having to suffer in the same way as I had. Enlightening all with the knowledge, that it doesn’t have to be this way. So, I am saddened that we now hear of symptoms such as ‘tech neck,’ ‘texting thumb,’ and ‘cell phone elbow’ from mobile phone and tablet use. Let alone that diagnoses of tenosynovitis, and tendonitis are still being attributed to the workplace environment. Why is this? Why are companies who make, and employers who use these products still not understanding of the need for good ergonomically designed equipment for everyday use?

We all owe it to the children of today to make this world a safer, healthier place for them to grow and flourish, free from the restraints of preventable injuries through ignorance of their forbears understanding. As one of my consultants remarked way back in 1995, “these injuries ought not to be occurring as we approach the 21st century”. Yet here we are…

I know over past years, that in sharing my experiences many have been helped, lots of souls also healed. In sharing anew, it is my desire that readers find beyond the words something which will touch their soul in the most loving and positive way. A glimmer of hope which leads them along their own healing journey of recovery.

Afterword 2008 – 2022 – Excerpt
Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul

‘As I read back over my story from 2008, to pen my afterword, I realise just how much the mental health aspect was so apparent in my life all those years ago. No wonder mental health awareness and our bodies natural ability to know how to heal have become such important  areas of focus for me now. And not just from my own experiences, from those of others too through my varying Carer role’s over the years.’

‘Since April, 2022, I am now thoroughly enjoying early morning sea dip/swims with a most amazing group of awesome ladies. This is so liberating, enlivening, and so good for my mental health and well-being. Gaining new friendships too. We always have lots of fun out there in the vast ocean, being tantalised by the waves and swells along with the cold freshness of the sea, simply loosing ourselves in that moment we are in.’

‘Now living my long ago dream of residing by the sea it’s hard to imagine all those years of pain and cold causing my hands to go numb and stop functioning altogether, as I frolic in the cold of the northeast sea!’


I have been a self-published author since 2004. So imagine my delight to have now teamed up in recent months with The Book Dragon here in the UK. To have the support of it’s founder, Kirsty F. Mckay, my business partner, Andrew, and all the team makes my solo journey of writing much more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Kirsty had a vision. She very much wanted to support her fellow self-published / indie authors by offering them the opportunity to improve, and grow their own reading audience. She wanted to share her appreciation of their work and now does through her innovative shop and online store. What an amazing place The Book Dragon!

Additionally, I’m fortunate to live only a short distance away from the Book Dragon too. Not to mention finding out that in July, 2022, Kirsty had brought her vision to life and how this flowed with divine synchronicity into my life. I leapt straight in without any hesitation to become a member. And, my own writing sky rocketed.


“This book gave me hope when I was battling PND and RSI after having my daughter, it helped to keep me going when I was in so much pain and couldn’t see a light at the end of that darkness. I’m so glad you have teamed up to re release this book Jenny.” Ros, Australia

“Jenny is an inspiration. Her book illustrates her tenacious and determined character which led her through the dark times to the healing light.” Gaynor, UK

How do I get a copy?

You can find ‘Teno hands to HEALING hands’ here on my website, on The Book Dragon website or in person at The Book Dragon, 6 West Row, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 1BT

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