always learning, FOREVER-evolving

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BELIEVE Holistic Therapies was established on 02/02/2012 after the very profound healing of my own. Having lived from my inherent sense of knowing all my life, like everyone, I have and continue to experience challenging life lessons as part of my own soul growth.

PosiTone® was established on 06/01/2014 and has seen a few changes over the years due to my own ever evolving journey of diversity, remembrance and healing during which time I feel honoured to have also taken part in Peer Support Mentor training through tEK.

I was excited to announce at the end of 2018 the creation of a new divination tool, SoulStar Cards – FAITH TRUST BELIEVE!

I am passionate about education, and in seeing change in mental health and well-being services. A ‘Fit for Purpose‘ and truly holistic in nature and nurture service using a unique person-centred/solution-focused approach to individual needs; a service which includes and helps support loved ones; a service able to offer the in-depth specialist support ‘in the moment’, and for as long as is needed; a service offering 24/7 true crisis support, no matter what offering choice from all forms of healing across the globe.

All my life, all I have ever known is that we are all here to help each other and it’s my passion as an educator of LOVE! Here to help guide others and be guided by others too in this beautiful world in which we all live. Namaste 💛

*Photo by Ben White on Unsplash