Spiritual Connections 1

Spiritual Connections – Episode 1

Jenny Tollinton is a Spiritual Coach & Mentor. She is an Energy Healing Facilitator and Creator of SoulStar Positivity Cards. Also a Teacher, Author and Founder of PosiTone®. John Shearer is an Australian Mindfulness Master. He is a Hypnotherapist, Peer Support, and Spiritual Life & Recovery Coach. He is also the Creator of R.A.G. Therapy (Resistance, acceptance & Gratitude), an Author, and Founder of mindfullyMAD.org

Jen & John met through their connections with EmergingProud after both sharing their spiritually transformative experiences. They both have a mass of lived experience, knowledge and wisdom that they freely share. And both believe ‘Spirituality is Inherent’, in every single being. Their conversations together range far and wide across the spiritual realm of infinite possibilities, healing and recovery. They warmly welcome you to enjoy their reflections of life, love and inner peace.

You can find John on https://www.mindfulnesscoach.com.au/about/

Welcome to SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS with Jen & John

Listen here to Episode 1


Jen & John

Jen & John

We hope you enjoy our conversations on all things spiritual. And how we as spiritual beings can survive on this planet Earth in our human form.

The topics we choose are in the moment. May you find them to be of interest to you along your own spiritual pathway.

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