Soul Nourishment

Soul nourishment – Love is the nourishment of the soul. Love supersedes all.

Residing in the very core of our being is love. Without this love we would not BE. Love beats out from our human heart centre. Can you feel it?

As each new day begins anew remembering love is always within, without, and all around us as the day feels lighter and brighter from the start. What did you love today?

‘I love my body, my heart, my soul. I love the very essence of my being.’ Gratitude elevates love. Being thankful for our breath as our beating human heart pumps oxygen around our body, fuelling us with life. Feeling into our heartbeat, feeling the love for self and all beings. What loving kindness did you share with yourself and others today?

Love fuels our self-belief. Love, the driving force of our reality when we can only but see this through the myriad of foggy ‘thinking’. Without love we are nothing. Love is the fuel of our eternal flame, our SPARK within. Remembering that light which can never be diminished, that force field of love. We can then create the kind of loving peaceful world we want to live in.

How are you continuing to love yourself and shine out your love to others today?

Believe! The healing power of love is within, without and all around us always. If you are struggling, remember to feel into your heart centre…


Love supersedes All


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