Self-responsibility is so important right now. There are so many people asking for help right now, not knowing what to believe. They are questioning everything.

On this seventh day of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 I am sharing a more personal blog. For yes I too am feeling the impact of events around the world. Inclusive the loss of life of dear loved souls I have been honoured to share precious moments in life with.

Love is where everything begins. It is the starting block of life. It is everything. Love has everything we need. Love is fearLESS, free, vibrant, infinite.




Each one of us is responsible for the choices that we make in life. And the ensuing consequences. Doing our own little bit by taking responsibility for our own choices is the way that we all evolve. Being mindful to also respect the choices of others without judgement or condemnation.

As we keep our love vibrations high in every moment we are helping to raise our own vibrations and those of the whole collective here on planet earth. I know this will be a hard truth to take in when I say there are souls here on this planet who came to experience being a part of this human genocide experience, their sacrifice one of pure unconditional love. I honour all these beautiful souls who came to help others awaken to their truth. And in doing so as others awaken, yes there will of course be anger as we grieve our loved ones return to source. Yet remaining calm in nonjudgmental love is how we all get through together as a human collective. Excruciatingly painful as this is for us all to be witness to, remaining united in love is always the answer.

Unlearning all we were taught, to relearn anew the truth that is within our own heart centre is how we come through all the heartache we feel. Our heart centre holds that inherent sense of knowing which is our soul.

Starting with self emanating out truth from our heart. As we bless each and everyone with love and forgiveness, remain fearLESSLY heart centred and keep our trust in the essence of pure unconditional healing love, we will come through this period in time.


No one or no thing can ever take LOVE away for it is the very essence of our soul being.


When we remember that ‘fear’ is only false evidence appearing real we can step off that starting block. Take self-responsibility for our own learning, our own feelings, our own truth that always resides within our heart centre. Then we will see how much we grow in wisdom, strength and unity. Feel how high we can all soar through the healing power of love.

Sending so much love to each and every one of you. May your own heart feel the ever abundantly overflowing divine connection we all have with the omnipresent energy of love.


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