Be kind to you. Feel from your heart centre for that is where our truth lies. Truly feel from this loving space of our own heart with faith. Trusting that we are divinely protected at all times. For then the mind can start to ease off and cut us some slack.

Hold the faith that we did chose to be here at this monumental time. Tap into that innate indomitable spirit of yours! We do hold within our soul all the stamina we need to stay strong in these times. The stamina to be our own Sovereign, our own king. Feeling into our heart centre. Breathing slow, long, and deep. This is where we find our reserves of strength. Here in the depths of our soul is all that we need.



Remaining mindful that we can only help others when our own cup is full. Tender loving care is what our souls need right now. Retreat into our heart centre. Giving to ourself masses of self-care from that most loving space. Bathing, exercising, meditating. Feeding our minds nourishing kind and compassionate encouraging words full of self-love, positivity and optimism. Eating nourishing foods that feed our very soul. Drinking plenty of water.

Nourishing our soul first and foremost. For our sensitivity really is such a gift. Helping us to see the bigger picture as we feel all that is going on around us. And as we feel, we know. We know that what has gone before is now over. All that ridicule of who we truly are is now past. We know who we are! What we feel. And we know, our heart centre truth.


Faith Trust Believe!


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