Reading for the Collective

Never have I seen the cards come out like this before! Wow, this is a soul message above and beyond to really feel into.

As the energies are so intense and bouncing all over the place right now I asked for a reading for the Collective at this time. Blown away not only by the synchronicity of the numbers, the balance shown too. This is what has come forth for all of humanity.

We have two number 4’s, Roots.

At this moment in time we are being asked to simply be. To breathe and allow the stillness to wash over us trusting in the Divine plan of ancestral healing which shifts the intenseness of the energies we are feeling right now into more loving space. To believe in the essence of creation. We are all special and unique in our own hearts yet all one, all born of the same Source. In the stillness, feel the warmth of safety inside Mother Gaia’s womb. Feel the protective energy force field as it wraps itself around the whole collective. Feel too the protection and safety on an individual level as every aspect of our being is processing throughout the whole of time. As we remain still simply breathing slowly in and out we allow the energies of our ancestors to pulsate and draw upon the healing vibrations.

We have two number 9’s, Fulfilment & Universal Wisdom.

Trusting in the power of forgiveness allows everyone with no exceptions the opportunity to be set free. How I was drawn to lay the cards out too has meaning. Faith 9 is the ‘dark night of the soul’ card. See how it rests gently below forgiveness…showing us we are releasing out of that darkness through the freedom of forgiveness. Trust this Universal Wisdom as it brings us all on home into the joyous light of loving healing and transformation.

Then incredibly we have two number 7’s,  MagicalSynchronicity & Knowledge, Wow!

We are being asked to believe in the pure power of our essence and to keep our faith strong. By tuning in and hearing the soul messages in every cell of our body our wisdom within sees the magic that is everywhere. There is nothing we cannot create in the honesty and truth of the Divine.

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Collating together all the numbers also brings us back to the number 4, Roots! What clearer soul message could we receive? Thank you Ancestors for your loving forgiveness of all that has gone before. For having faith in humanity to purge through the eons of darkness into the magical creation of Source healing.

Drawing 6 cards is also significant as is the number of LOVE. Trust in our sixth-sense for it truly does know the wisdom of the Universe. We have two of each suit also, FaithTrust and Believe showing us that all is indeed in balance, how it is meant to be at this time.

Blessings One and All.



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