Pushing through…Believe!

Pushing through…Believe! It is no mean feat to push through the dark night of the soul.

I so honour each and everyone of you for your strength and stamina and fortitude of spirit.

Faith 9

At times in years past I have pushed through dark nights of the soul only to emerge stronger, even more certain in my own power. Certain of the power of love. That love truly is the be all and end all. For it is love, pure and unconditional at the core, the very essence of our being that brings about our healing and our soul growth.

In years gone by, my own dark night experiences are why I am able to help guide other souls to understand the meaning of this pure and unconditional force that is love. To understand that no matter what has gone before, you can move forward into the light, and into brighter happier experiences becoming more whole and grounded in your entire being. I know how that struggle feels deep inside, the torment, the pain, the anguish. I also know that there is light at the end of that tunnel.


Believe 9

Through love of self first, we owe it to ourselves to be kind and gentle on our soul as we emerge from that darkness. Trusting in the pure force of love. Honouring ourself for all that has gone before. Recognising that acceptance and forgiveness must follow now for us to truly be free. Free to be who we are. To be our own uniqueness. Free to flow in divine love as is our birthright. With loving support surrounding us we begin to believe. To believe in ourself as we make that conscious choice to change. Listen and feel from our heart for that is where our truth lies.

Becoming fearless as we travel through these dark nights of the soul, for it is the messages that these bring to us that help us find our wisdom within. Once you have made it through the darkness you know that tiny spark within never ever went out.

May you all truly come to know yourselves.

Post created 29/11/2020 – not published…techno glitch… or was it……

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