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Our intuitive self, beliefs and childhood conditioning shape who we are, how we react to challenges and how we experience life. I use my innate wisdom to connect with your inner energy and together, we plan the path forward to help you build your best life.

Four block booking Options of 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 Weeks.

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Unlike a psychologist who only relates to the mind, I connect with your mind, heart, and soul energy. By using deep quiet listening, in blended form I draw on the full spectrum of my healing modalities as and when required. So for some clients, I may incorporate elements from Reiki Seichem, Light Language, Sound Healing and my SoulStar Cards. Either way, I connect with you soul-to-soul. And as I do, my intuitive support lights a path to understanding the emotional or physical blocks affecting your wellbeing.

Many clients seek spiritual support when making a difficult decision, navigating tricky family issues, or when faced with self-doubt, chronic pain, fear, addiction, anxiety, and stress. Others seek my Spiritual Integration Coaching when needing to raise their energy vibration and strengthen the connection to their higher self. My heart is open to supporting and facilitating your healing journey.

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Option 1 – 6 x 1hour sessions £690, Option 2 – 12 x 1hour sessions £1,380, Option 3 – 18 x 1hour sessions £2,070, Option 4 – 24 x 1hour sessions £2,760, Option 5 – single session £120

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