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Whether you’re stuck and unable to answer questions about life, relationships, work, finances, or your health – my SoulStar card reading brings the clarity, insight and perspective you’ve been seeking.

Plus, you can take comfort in that my readings are always positive, on point, and in the now.

Nothing warms my heart more than lifting an emotional weight off someone’s shoulders.

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My SoulStar card readings are alive with Universal Source energy that connects me with you through my innate intuitive wisdom to bring through messages from your soul.

As a result, I hear your beautiful soul energy talking through each card in your spread as your soul knows its own truth.

3 reviews for SoulStar Card Reading

  1. Michelle devoil

    What an amazing gift Jenny has working with the cards she has made, brings so much into this read. It all confirmed so much to me. Every detail in the cards hold a message. Jenny is an insightful and attuned, accurate reader, reading both the energies and the cards which hold so much light energy, guiding you gently through so you get the messages you need to hear, which help you progress on your journey. This read helped me so so much. Healing my heart and soul, I got quite emotional as I felt all that had been released as well as seeing the progress I’ve made. LOVED this experience so much. I can’t thank you enough Jenny xx

    • Jenny Tollinton

      Thank you beautiful soul. May healing continue to fill your heart and soul dear Chelle.

  2. Nyk

    I absolutely love these cards and although they are beautifully made, the meaning behind them is amazing and takes these cards to another level all together. These are definitely the future generation cards which hold a lot more information and meaning than any other cards I have ever known. My reading blow my mind and was accurate and so in depth. I have never experienced anything like this even though I have been having my cards read for over 30yrs and I myself had a deck of cards, and often do my own readings. Would highly recommend get a set as I myself am. The next level of cards are not only stunning to look at, to me, they are unworldly. Thank you so very much Jenny 🙏🏼💜

    • Jenny Tollinton

      Wow! Thank you Nyk!

  3. Heidi

    LOVED my reading with Jenny who used her own SoulStar Cards!! The cards themselves are beautiful and energetic and the combination of Jenny’s gifts and that they are her cards just added such depth to the reading. So much of what she said hit me in that place of full-connection and knowing as I became visibly emotional! Highly recommend a reading with Jenny with the added recommendation to try a SoulStar Card reading! (Thank you, Jenny!)

    • Jenny Tollinton

      Thank you so much Heidi 🤗

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