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Each Reiki and Seichem Healing session delivers a relaxing sense of peace that infuses deep into the body, mind, and spirit. Yet, underlying the sense of relief and calm, cosmic healing energies combine to revitalise cellular energy.

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2 reviews for Reiki Seichem

  1. Denise Corbey

    I met Jenny yesterday and she explained about Reiki Seichem and what to expect. I have had a Reiki session before about 20 years ago and didn’t get any response from it. Not with Jenny. WELL this time not what I expected!!! Far from it. I was open to anything 💛

    As the soft purple colour 💜 filled my head, I had my eyes closed and thought, do I normally see this colour when I close my eyes, no?

    I continued to relax and could feel the tension draining from me. I started to see Gold coloured delicate lace ✨️ starting at the top of my head and surrounding my head like an arch, watching it slowly move down my face this repeated, moving to my chin where another arch appeared, at the top. Jenny had her hands cupped on the back of my head as I lay on the treatment bed. A feeling of calm and belonging came over my whole body (is this what I am supposed to be expecting). Jenny had said to accept what was sent to me and go with it.

    Then she moved her hands slowly on to my face and then to my chin. The purple changed to a deeper purple as she did this, then it became a lighter purple with a white shimmer in the centre. I continued to feel my body relaxing. The golden lace work now starting as a small light in the middle of the white light then growing bigger but opening up in the middle like a ring surrounding the gold lace work with very delicate lace work. (That’s the only way I can describe it.) This went bigger and bigger like I was seeing through it to the other side. Repeating itself starting as a small colour in the middle of the white light and growing to a ring. I repeatedly asked, am I really seeing this, never seen this before, ever. I had never felt so relaxed ever, or safe. It continued to repeat…

    Jenny then moved to my throat and the feeling of butterflies was all around me, I could not see them but they were there. The gold lace work covered my mind with occasional breaks where the purple 💜 lilac light shone through. It was a beautiful feeling and one that I did not want to end.

    As Jenny went to my heart and stomach, the lace work in my mind was moving, breaking up and then coming together again. While it was breaking up I could occasionally make things out – a small child, a chest, neck of a woman in dated clothes, (1900’s). Like when you look at the clouds and you make out animals, just like that, but changed too quick to get a proper look.

    As she moved down to the top of my legs the purple colour faded, I now got a very pale lilac and white swirling, slowly and Jenny’s hands were hot on my legs, yes hot not too hot but not that I could describe as warm. Moving down to my carves, the lilac started to have more of a purple 💜 colour but not a definite colour. As she moved to my feet, the beautiful purple and gold lace started to return. I was really pleased that it had returned, I was so pleased.

    Jenny then came back up to my head and the arch and the circles returned. I wanted the feeling never to end…..

    I suffer with anxiety and depression but when I was laying on the bed with Jenny doing what I can only describe as magic, I felt as if my bag of crap that I deal with every minute of every day was not on my shoulders or in my hands, it was on the floor by my side, not gone but not weighing me down.

    As I started to come out of the relaxation, (which I did not want to do) I found it hard to open my eyes, my toes were wriggling, my fingers could move, even though I was finding it hard to open my eyes I was not worried as I didn’t really want to open them…

    Jenny had given me a crystal to hold in my left hand. As I gave her the crystal back I could see on my hand was a red/pink mark where it had been the whole time palm up in my hand.

    I have never experienced anything like this before but I would love to have another session and see if anything different happens.


    I had a good sleep last night, I struggle sleeping and normally only get around 2 to 3 hours and the sleep is troubled with bad dreams and visions. Last night I slept about 5 hours with no bad dreams or visions. I am hoping that this continues xxx When I had my session with Jenny I had a vision of beautiful colours and golden lace, I did try last night when I went to sleep to see if I could recreate it for myself, but unfortunately no, which proved to me that it was through Jenny that I had this experience.
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Jenny ♥️

  2. Paul Kitchener

    Amazing work, I contacted Jenny after being assaulted several months ago and was having continuous headaches behind my left eye, Jenny initiated distance healing using Reiki Seichem, over the following days after the session my headaches started to ease and eventually stopped. Thanks again for working your magic 5*

    • Jenny Tollinton

      Thank you Paul🤗

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