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Light Language is high vibrational energy; pure unconditional love originating from Universal Source energy.

While the pathway for activating Light Language exists within everyone, few people realise its existence and it’s healing power.

I’m fortunate to receive guidance from Light Language mentors and feel honoured to be part of this beautiful group of souls.

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1 review for Light Language

  1. M d

    Thankyou so much for my drum and light language healing today. I was in so much pain all night, it started a couple of days ago again. I have various health issues, my back has been in spasm and inflammation flared up massively, my skins was effected as it always is when I get really bad. The feeling of freedom and the tension lifting, well the spasms stopped, it really is nothing short of amazing! I’ve been in tears with the pain through the night. Everything was so tense. You have helped me so much I had to say a huge Thankyou!! 🥰 I can’t recommend you enough it feels like a miracle to be today. Xx

    • Jenny Tollinton

      Thank you 🤗

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