Power of Healing

Power of Healing. NEVER underestimate it’s forceful power!

Change Faith 12


There is great power in the ‘word’. Be mindful of your words. I AM is very powerful self-talk!

As thoughts create our life it is important to keep healthy, kind and loving peaceful thoughts of happiness and joy uppermost in our hearts. Keeping faith, we know we can begin anew in any moment. So no matter what has gone before we can change in an instant. All it takes is that one switch of perception.

Sometimes thoughts create decisions we believed in that moment to be in our, or in our children’s highest and best. These decisions may though have cause and effect on another, simply because we were unable to comprehend the others trauma in that one ‘thought’ moment. Because we too were in our own space of unease.


To comprehend trauma that another is living through whilst doing their best to free themselves from the atrocities of their past may be difficult to grasp. Decisions we make based on thought alone may have detrimental affects on our relationships or our relationship with our children. Yet all that is needed in that moment is a switch in perception.

Taking ourselves into that others space for just a moment. Sit in reflection. Be in that others space. Feel the effects those decisions will have for them. How will they feel… How will you feel in knowing?

What ‘thoughts’ are you holding on to that you could release today?

Faith 4


Be still in this moment. Take a deep breath in, hold…as you begin to slowly breathe out, feel… What has happened to that thought now?

Did the angst dissipate? The fear diminish? Did love and forgiveness expand out from your heart centre? Are you feeling different, lighter? Have you completely forgotten what the thought even was?

Everyone deserves to live a life worth living. So whilst decisions may have been taken whilst in ‘thought’ if we stop and really feel, being mindful to be still in the moment we can forgive ourself and others of that ‘thought’. And instead feel love and compassion for all from our heart.

When we each take responsibility for the repercussions that hasty actions could have, based purely on thought alone, if we pause in that moment to really feel first, then all of humanity wins. We are all separate yet all the same in essence – one consciousness above and beyond. We are all worthy and deserving of the very best loving peaceful life.


There is so much power in our thoughts and words. So when used wisely they can turn any feelings into infinite joy. What love can you give to yourself and others today?

Keep words and thoughts positive, kind and nurturing. Remember you have choice. You can switch those negative thoughts simply by taking a breath and feeling into them before reacting. Never underestimate the power of the word. NEVER underestimate the forceful power of the healing pause. And NEVER underestimate the forceful powerof your own healing abilities!

I am love, I am happy, I am free. I AM… Because I choose, I can.

Sending out so much loving healing energy to you all. Enjoy an amazingly beautiful HEALING life full of LOVE, laughter and happiness.

I love you

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