Spiritual Integration Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Integration Coaching

Spiritual Integration Coaching aims to align your inner emotional, and spiritual life with your outer life.

Clients who are out of alignment often say, “My mind is in overwhelm, and I’m struggling to function properly”, or “I feel my life is a mess”, or  “I don’t know where to start.”

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, unhappy, agitated, stuck in a rut, or stressed.

Let me reassure you, even those who appear to ‘have it together’ find navigating the shadow side of their inner emotional world difficult. Even the best coaches have a coach or mentor.

The only difference is that those who appear to sail through life events with ease keep their body, mind, and soul aligned regardless of external pressure or influences.

With my Spiritual Integration Coaching, I help support you in getting your life back on track.

During our coaching sessions, you can clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter to hear your own intuitive voice. What’s more, you’ll be empowered with the skills to expertly navigate your shadow emotions, daily stresses and lifestyle hurdles.

You, too, can ‘have it together’ and live a whole, happy, abundant and inspired life.

Spiritual Coaching

Master navigating shadow emotions

Awaken happiness from within

Be the change you need in life

Create a brighter future

What is Spiritual Integration Coaching?

My enlightened Spiritual Integration Coaching helps clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so that you hear your intuitive voice. I use deep quiet listening to reveal your soul truths with patience, grace, and wisdom.

In doing so, we find answers, solutions and healing for mental and emotional issues, family or work dynamic challenges, relationships, and more.

The number of sessions needed depends on you, your circumstances and the complexity of your problem.

How does Spiritual Integration Coaching work?

Unlike a psychologist who only relates to the mind, I connect with your mind, heart, and soul energy.

By using deep quiet listening, in blended form, I draw on the full spectrum of my healing modalities as and when required. So for some clients, I may incorporate elements from Reiki Seichem, Light Language, Sound Healing and my SoulStar Cards.

Either way, I connect with you soul-to-soul. And as I do, my intuitive support lights a path to understanding the emotional or physical blocks affecting your wellbeing.

Deep quiet listening to the soul’s energy flow is only part of the healing story. Importantly, I work with you to plan the changes needed to live your best life.

Often that means helping you overcome self-limiting beliefs and complex emotions that keep you ‘stuck’.

Nevertheless, I surround you with loving energy each step of the way. I aim to have you feeling relaxed, calm, and surprisingly energised after each session.

Who can benefit from spiritual integration coaching and mentoring?

Many clients seek spiritual support when making a difficult decision, navigating tricky family issues, or when faced with self-doubt, chronic pain, fear, addiction, anxiety, and stress.

Others seek my Spiritual Integration Coaching when needing to raise their energy vibration and strengthen the connection to their higher self.

Either way, if you’re new to Spiritual Integration Coaching and unsure if a session can help your particular issue, email me. My heart is open to supporting and facilitating your healing journey.

Complimentary Discovery Call

I offer a complimentary Spiritual Integration Coaching discovery call to all new would-be clients. The time allows us to explore one or two issues and ask questions. Moreover, my free session will help you decide whether I am the right Spiritual Integration Coach for you.


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