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Listening to a beautiful philosophy the other day it brought Robin energy through for me. I had Divine synchronistic sightings of robins that day. Robins carry the energies of transformation, passion, and change. The energies to trust, and perseverance to keep going. And believe in the strength of our own tenacity of spirit. Energies which represent the mother energy of spirit around and close by us. Today, 6 December 2020 is the birthday of my children’s Great Grandma Blanche, who transitioned quite some years ago now at the age of 96. These synchronistic maternal energies are very prevalent in these times we are living. Becauses we continue to heal ourselves through the balancing of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, this got me thinking about faith.

SoulStar Cards – Faith Trust Believe!


I really can’t recall one particular thing. It was rather a multitude of working on myself holistically that helped me to turn my life around. For me ‘waking up’ is simply changing perception. Changing perception of the old and worn out to make way for the wonderful new opportunities to learn, grow and evolve some more. For in doing so this allows for new exciting expansive energies and experiences to flow in for me.

Since turning my life around after healing myself of disability, worries became a thing of the past. Now when anxious moments try to sneak their way back in I find a way to stop them in their tracks. I do this in different ways using all the tools that I have learnt from. Alongside my own inherent sense. And my faith to trust in the goodness and positive outcomes coming my way. Faith for me will often take me back to basics. Back to the simplicity of life, to the very essence of my being. Exploring my own shadow side. Feeling my emotions. Acknowledging the trust and wisdom of my own heart.

Tenacity of Spirit

I know that the meaning of faith for others will be different from my own. Faith for me is often blind faith. I like that way of saying as for me it is feeling that trust within my own heart. Feeling brings the commitment for me to believe in the essence of my own heart energy of ‘knowing’ the underlying truth of any given situation, words, feelings, experiences… My faith is my strength. It is what always sees me through the challenging life lessons I have chosen to experience. Or which have simply been universally sent my way. Looking back now I can see though always knew, that my Faith Trust Believe cards had aspects of self journeying in them. These cards have seemed before their time and quite simply are Universally led in their Soul Messages that they bring through for others.

Keeping going

I decided to look up the Wikipedia meaning of faith too to go alongside my own beliefs. On reading through the meaning I find myself filled with gratitude. For all the researchers who contribute to this wonderful learning platform that we all have free access to, thank you. Quote, “Stage 6 – Universalizing faith: this is the “enlightenment” stage where the individual comes out of all the existing systems of faith and lives life withuniversal principles of compassion and love and in service to others for upliftmentwithout worries and doubt.” I can see my life pattern…

Having gone through stages 1-5 at ages vastly younger than written in the Wikipedia meaning as I have lived in Universal Faith almost all of my lifetime. For me faith is my sense of knowing. It is my antennae. My beacon of light within the very essence of my soul that can never, ever be extinguished.

I found myself smiling too whilst researching the meaning of faith as I came across the word etymology which I have seen many times. Something else new that I have learnt today as I decided to thesaurus the word. Etymology is the study of the history of words.

I sometimes wonder where all my profound writings come from as in my mind in this physical body I remain 19, almost since birth! Then I remember… It is our wisdom within.

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