Peaceful Solstice Wishes 🕊

Peaceful Solstice Wishes to one and all

Well this is not quite the post I had intended to write today…

Sitting and observing the feelings from the emotions of dear souls as I wake on this amazing Soltice day of healings. I find my writing, now inspired from a dear friend, is taking me in a completely different direction.

More and more people are waking up to the real underlying truth of what has been going on for thousands of years here on this earth in which we live. And as more people evolve so too vibrations shift higher and higher. Further intensifying the force field of pure unconditional love. Hold the faith everyone, Hold the faith. Trust and believe in the higher universal truth. For great healing happens once the chaos has been uprooted and shown in all it’s barest of forms, for all to see.

We are the masters of our own destiny. Choosing our own thoughts, our ideas, our dreams! We manifest our own reality, not that which others may try project onto us. Many ask how? We use our ‘I AM’ sovereignty.

I AM – I Have – I can

When we stop looking outwards to others for answers and realise that we are the only thinkers in our own hearts then magic happens, truly it does! The peace that we are seeking lies within, always has, always will.

It is up to each one of us as individuals to do the work we need to do ourself. For ourselves. Yes, others guide. Ultimately though we are the ones who actually have to put in the effort.

I know so many, many souls are struggling at this time. Yet we are far more fortunate in these more modern times in which we live to have access to technology that allows us to still connect with our loved ones. Having an attitude of gratitude too works wonders! Many of us have photographs and memories we can recall.

I know how hard it feels not to see our loved ones in the flesh, to ((HUG)) them tight. Please know that it does get easier on your heart once you cherish the memories that you do have. And the present moments of love you have shared. Via phone calls; cards and letters; emails and techno apps we are brought together into each others hearts.


…your Mum, your Dad, your Children, our Ancestors, Grandma’s, Grandad’s, Grandchildren, Brothers, Sisters, Aunty’s, Uncle’s, Cousins, Friends. They are always with you. We can always bring their love into our own heart space. All we need do is to feel them in our heart centre.

As we heal from within it is so important to feel through our heart centre everything that is. Whatever you may be feeling, whether it be sadness or anger, joy or happiness, hurt or resentment, or fearless and free. Consider taking some valuable ‘Me’ time out today to cherish your own soul. Cherish your own heart, cherish your own life!

Wishing for you all, a very Peaceful Solstice

Know that I AM here for you too dear Souls. All you need do is call.

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