October release sees ‘LOVE unconditional
a short journey in time through the eyes of mental health’ hit the book shelves.


LOVE unconditional a short journey in time through the eyes of mental health

I am pleased to announce that October is book release month! Further details to follow.

This book of channelled poems and art gives the reader, though tame in it’s true depth just a teeny tiny glimpse into mental health suffering. This book also brings with it HOPE.

Hope for a future where everyone, and every voice is heard. Hope and faith in humanity that they see beyond the ignorance of ‘labels’ which are so destructive and placed on millions of people, blocking their recovery by them being misunderstood, unseen as a human being beyond the ‘label’.

An education into the healing power of pure unconditional soul love, our essence of being.

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


Praise for ‘LOVE unconditional’

“Your poetry, along with stunning artwork, took me on a journey that is very familiar. Familiar to my own journey from darkness to light. It reminds me why I am here, to make a difference in this crazy world. It encourages me to continue my efforts to have culture and spirituality introduced into mental health services. So sadly missing. I believe there are many mental health workers who could be reinvigorated by your heartfelt words. Mindful Love & Light Always!” – John Shearer MM Mindfulness Master, Australia.

“No-one can know what is in the mind of another human being. When we misunderstand how the human psychological system works, we hurt ourselves and others. When we understand how it works, we are able to make much more sense of the world around us.” – Jacqueline Hollows MSc Author, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Content Creator, UK.

“LOVEunconditional is more than a book of collected poetry and art. It is a confrontational piece of artistry that demands you be present and witness what happens to unloved and abused children.” – Elizabeth J. Sabet PCC, ACSLC, CBC. President of ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative
Experiences), America.

“The poems within hold insights into what feelings and emotions abound in the life of someone with mental ill-health…. from dark thoughts and fears, love and life are promised by the author to the loved one by their side. The essence of healing is pure love and understanding, nothing else equals that.” – Maureen Shearer,
Mindfulness Mentor, Australia.”


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