News update – LOVE unconditional a short journey in time through the eyes of Mental Health

Phew! Another exciting week has seen the proof copy arrive and amendments made. Approving the final printed copy and then the first edition rolls off the printing press.

Writing is a very cathartic experience. Have you ever thought of writing out your life experiences? Whether you choose to take your writing as far as the publishing world or not I find writing to be a very healing practice. My first mini autobiography almost 18 years ago, ‘From Hand To Mouth’, a not for profit self-published book was an incredible journey of journaling : ) Moving on to my second not for profit self-published book – ‘TENO Hands To HEALING Hands’ which tells of the healing of my ‘dis’-ease.

Words are so powerfully prolific on our healing journeys. Even if we only write for us and no one else it is still a very valuable way of helping us to move forward. And you can be sure, there will always be someone who needs to hear what you have to say.

Turning perceptions on their head is how I work. Yes I have been through so much heartbreak. Yes I could always choose to walk away from any situation I found myself in, yet why would I? I could never have learnt so much without all those challenging experiences or rid myself of needless fears. Undoubtedly, the lessons my soul needed to learn would only have come back around in other scenarios anyway. I remain ever grateful to my own soul for speaking to me from within, feeling through my heart centre, the way forward for me.

Ten years later and off I went again when my SoulStar Positivity Cards came into being. Like all my writings before, these cards took their time in coming to fruition. Each step along the way bringing with it more and more learning, knowledge and personal growth. Continuing on into today when mental health awareness is vitally important. ‘LOVE unconditional’ is for everyone, for no matter who you are, there is something within it’s pages that will touch your very soul.

For all the medical, educational, science and health service professionals in the field of mental health awareness our story not only shines a light on the feelings experienced within turmoil crises. It will we hope, awaken sparks of curiosity in those professionals who truly do wish to support those who are in their care through to their fullest recovery possible.

“Your poetry, along with stunning artwork, took me on a journey that is very familiar. Familiar to my own journey from darkness to light. It reminds me why I am here, to make a difference in this crazy world. It encourages me to continue my efforts to have culture and spirituality introduced into mental health services. So sadly missing. I believe there are many mental health workers who could be reinvigorated by your heartfelt words. Mindful Love & Light Always!” – John Shearer, MM Mindfulness Master, Australia.

Thank you so much to all you lovely souls who have contacted me to say you would like a copy. Copies will be available from October. More info will be posted when my newly refreshed website launches. For now I’ll leave you with a sneak peek…



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