Never doubt your truth

Never doubt your truth

Believe in the conviction of your own truth

As it can at times, when our faith and our trust becomes lost in doubt remember, never to doubt the truth within your own heart.

Keep believing in the power of our own soul. In your own heart truth. This weekend I heard a message loud and and clear from a wonderful soul whose words always resonate so much within my own heart centre. Thank you John. Those words were “The power of the pause” – John Shearer, Mindfulness Master. We are all the master of our own destiny. When we pause and hold the loving frequencies from within with mindful connection, we are shown our truth. feel it. Hear it. Touch it. Taste it. Smell it. Sense it with every fibre of your being.

Feeling through our heart centre reaches into the depths of all the innate wisdom and knowledge that lies inside this loving space. Wisdom just waiting for us with joyous rapture to burst forward through our creative senses!

Smile and Shine, fearless and Free!

Having written these words from my own heart centre I was drawn to hold the cards to my heart. Always believing, I asked to be shown a message for the collective, humanity, and the entire multiverse. The cards never cease to amaze. And they could not be more apt!

Pause… In this moment. Hear and Feel your bodies message as you tune into your own heart centre. You know Anything is possible.

Never, ever, doubt your truth!

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