Make TODAY your day!


Make today your day no matter what day you see this post. Because you know you were meant to see this today.

You are your own power, your own infinite wisdom. The uniqueness of you is special to you. Gaze into the image…

If you feel to withdraw and cosy up into yourself know that is ok. Cocooning yourself in a warm glowing orange womb like state of love and bliss feeling restful peace with renewed vision stirring within. feel your power deep within your heart centre glowing outwards. Yet always beginning from self. self-love is rooted in the very core of your being, feel this love of and for you. Never can it be diminished for it is eternal, always there. Rooted in the very heart centre of your being. It is your Spark of Life!

If you feel to hop, skip and jump that’s ok too. Bouncing around on the waves. Crunching through the red, yellow, golden brown autumn leaves with not a care in the world. Playing in the sand or the snow. Dancing in the rain as the rainbows shine their magic through the ether. Laughing joyfully, breathing in all the wondrous smells of nature, of life and all oneness. Feel yourself rooted through your very being into whatever you do for you today.

Why not make today the day you drop all that angst? And that resentment. All those feelings of nothingness…


You are Loved because You Exist


Whatever you choose. Remember it is your choice always. Because you are an infinite divine being of pure unconditional love you are able to create all that which you wish to have in your life. Your energy sparks anew from within. So go inwards, go outwards, sideways, up and down. Go out and make memories of fun, love and laughter!


TODAY is Your day!


So go out and Live it to its fullest!


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