Living by the Sea


Living by the sea, with loving gratitude that I live by the sea I meet others, greeting with a smile and hello.

These are beautiful times of re-connection to peace on Mother Earth. And of our Community Spirit. Treasure these times of spiritual growth all you gorgeous souls. Thank you for being who you are.

As we keep our faith and trust in the power of pure unconditional love in these times of endings we can begin to create anew.

With the love that emits through rose quartz crystal, as we acknowledge that we are safe and secure we help the vibrations of healing to soar.

Remaining positive in mind, consciousness and thoughts we are able to feel the power of abundant loving opportunities that surround us always.

As we shine out our love for all to see we feel the vibrations lifting us all higher into our new living world. A world full of joy, peace, tranquility. A world where we have all the time in the world to enjoy the wonders of life! Let others feel your positive vibes as you radiate out love and shine!


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