Lived experience

“All the accreditation in the world cannot compare to having ‘lived’ the experience’.” – Jenny Tollinton
World Mental Health Awareness Day 2021

As we near the end of World Mental Health Awareness day I hope you have been able to be kind to you today. To have enjoyed every moment, savouring each precious breath.

Reflecting on the past year… Our lived experiences are why we are here. We are here to grow and spiritually evolve. Each one of us uniquely gifted in some form. Each one of us a part of the whole.

There have been so many ups and downs for lots of people. So many changes. And so many opportunities to expand our soul growth, to blossom and to flourish.

Sharing our stories of lived experience is so good for the soul. A releasing and cleansing of what is no longer needed. As we each share we glean insight from another’s story. Wisdom and clarity that lifts us all. Many resonating as our hearts are touched by the feelings shared.


Opening up and being vulnerable in a fearless way is liberating for the soul. And sharing our vulnerabilities is our gift to others and to the world. For when we share we can always be sure there is someone in that moment waiting to hear our words.

To hear our words of pain followed by our acceptance and tenacity of spirit to keep on keeping on. Our sensitivity a gift.

SoulStar Cards – Faith Trust Believe!


When we accept we do have a gift, whatever that may be, the ripple affect of sharing our gift with others knows no bounds.

Today, we are showing up. Our book ‘LOVE unconditional’ has arrived. And with it our vulnerabilities laid bare to the world.

Our hope in sharing our story is one of building a new world. A world where pure loving mental health abounds. Borne out of LOVE. Pure and simple, the very essence of our being.


It is hoped that by sharing our lived experiences that professionals in the field of mental health will hear and see beyond the words and art. That they will know in their own hearts that there is a better way. By bringing spirituality to the forefront of their practices we can build our new world of love. Enhancing too our spiritual Communities.

Sending you all a massive (hug) of love.

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