Lionsgate 08/08/2020

Lionsgate 08/08/2020

Welcoming in the Lionsgate portal.

This year the portal is open for an extra day from 08/08/2020 until 12/08/2020 so I have been guided to draw 4 cards for the whole of humanity. What stronger soul message could we receive than to trust.

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Fulfilment and universal wisdom, endings and letting go. Feel the beauty in the image as we rise above all that has gone before. Let all fall away as we trust in the divine knowledge that forgiveness brings. Not only does it set us free, forgiveness sets all free, for how can those who need help the most rise up too without our love and support… Forgiveness allows us all to live in peace and harmony, at oneness with all across the Galaxies.


Abundance and opportunities. Look around you, what do you see? See beyond the illusion, switch perception, you will be amazed at the opportunities you have for growth and spiritual enlightenment that are all around us. Believe in the infinite abundant energies of source.


Change, bringing freedom for our soul. Being honest, starting from within our own heart. Being willing to change and understand oneself better so that we can communicate our truth outwards. So many aspects of our BE-ing wanting to break out and SHINE! This Lionsgate portal brings an amazing gateway of change for the betterment of all. Like the lion, be fearless, trust, it is ok for us to speak out and hold our truth.


Cosmic order. Time to celebrate the positive in all of us for we are all the matrix individually and collectively. In being our own dynamic cosmic self we ‘lift, shift and heal‘. Such a strong message of trust roars through these soul messages. Joining forces together in forgiveness, love and healing light we can do anything!

Feel for yourself too the meaning of these soul messages. With so much love, Happy positive Lionsgate one and all.


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