Let go – let love

Let go – let love. In these times of endings remember to keep the Faith Trust Believe!

Working on our own shadows we can push through the dark nights of the soul. Feel that spark within that lights your way out of the darkness. Shedding the layers of old like the snake sheds their skin, allowing for further growth. Reach out to others with faith, knowing that they are with you, always by your side.

Forgiving all with no exceptions. Starting with self is the way forward. Move through love from your heart in feeling, releasing. Trusting that what has gone before can now be let go of. It has served it’s purpose now.

Shining love wherever we go. Bringing happiness and joy into the lives of others only lifts us higher and higher too. Believe in the goodness that we truly are.

Know that You got this!

SoulStar Cards – Faith Trust Believe!

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