Keep Rising Above with Gratitude

Keep rising above with gratitude

Lying on a bed of gratefulness for the air that we breathe to the sky and the seas. Every time we feel gratitude for even the tinniest thing in our life, we are elevating our consciousness to an even higher vibration of love.

When we remain in a place of gratitude we are opening up space for more goodness and opportunities to come to us. In this space of stillness we also invite in peace, allowing calmness an opportunity to flood through our heart from our soul.

Even during the most harrowing of experiences we can find something to feel grateful for. The very fact the we have the opportunity to experience life in human form is all a part of our evolution. Trusting that each aspect of self we experience, no matter how inconsequential or monumental, is always in our highest and best for our own soul growth.

In the ebb and flow of life we find knowledge which brings with it wisdom. A strength to carry on and push through our experiences. Feeling what it is that we need to know so that we can then let go and let more love pour through our heart. The lighter we feel the more peace, serenity and joy we bring into our life.

Bringing in fun, love and laughter into our experiences makes us feel so much lighter too as we drop the heavy denseness of old. We may be feeling extreme anger and rage, absolutely ‘going off on one’ then suddenly something so ludicrously absurd happens like your teeth fly out of your mouth that you just literally crack up in laughter at the whole scenario!

Our bodies are so very clever in how they work for us when we FEEL with love, laughter and gratitude.

Inner self-talk

Remembering our inner self-talk is so important. Thinking of all the people, places and things in our life we can write or speak aloud a gratitude list on waking before we begin our day. At the end of the day as we settle down to sleep having gratefulness for all that we have experienced throughout our day helps bring us into a more calm and peaceful space for restful sleep.

When chaos appears to engulf us rising above and elevating love with gratitude, trusting that the more we do so the more the best of everything comes into our world.

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