“Healing is not always a ‘quick fix’. Healing is a constant. A clearing away of the toxic layers we hold on to often through fear, unknowing of the magic that healing brings.” – Jenny Tollinton


Keeping my faith, trusting and believing in the pure essence of every soul here on the planet at this time who are living the ‘human’ experience, I know that we can all heal from the inner torments that haunt us. We can find that peace we so desperately seek in our minds and hearts.

I have always known that we are all here to help each other. And who more than our very nearest and dearest.

Yes, helping to be a guide along the healing path is not always an easy ride for me. Though much laughter lightens the darkest hours. Yet it is a ride that I am forever grateful for. I would not be able to learn the lessons that I too need to learn so that I can evolve and grow along this most tumultuous of rides!


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