Feeling…we have a choice. We can choose to live from our heart centre and choose to surround with love everything in our lives. So too we can choose to forgive in every situation. And we can choose to live from the compassionate heart space of our being. We do this through feeling.

Sitting in quiet reflection feel our feelings in our heart centre. Trust our sense of knowing as our heart knows it’s truth.

‘We have the ability to feel. We have the ability to HEAL.’

Being kind and gentle with ourself as we allow these feelings to wash through us. Letting go of all that is no longer needed in our life. Allowing our tears to flow is our bodies natural releasing way of healing as we begin again. Remember the blue sky. Feel the love that we truly are in the essence of our being. When we feel and heal, the ripple effect runs through our ancestry back through the eons of time, helping all to heal. We have a responsibility to self to fulfil in this lifetime, to feel. To feel through all our experiences, sharing with others gives hope and a sense of community.

Feeling through to the healing brings with it new choices. Feeling brings new ways of being, of living, creating. New ways of sharing our talents and abilities through teamwork. And new ways of working together in Unity for the good of all humankind.

SoulStar Cards – Faith Trust Believe!

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