Exciting News!

Exciting news – *New website on it’s way!
**NEW Publication gone to print!!


It has been a very busy time over the last eighteen months and I am feeling proud that at last I have achieved what I set out to do. Not only in handing over the reigns after 10 years of going it alone with my website. I am also ecstatic to have finished my third book which has now gone to print! Very soon my new site will launch with a Special Offer for those who are seeking Soul Guidance. And ‘LOVE unconditional’ will be out for all to read.

I had our story of our 10 years together written on scraps of paper, napkins, calendars, diaries, texts, emails. Anything I could lay my hands on at the time! A couple of weeks after deciding to put a few channelled poems into a book I got to thinking again for the umpteenth time about pulling together all my writings. And to get on with our story. As ever it felt just too overwhelming a task having already lived the experiences. So I shredded the lot. Two to three bin liners full. Bingo! After that, out of the old as ever always comes the new. The very next morning on waking… Put my dear husband’s creative visions to the poems and hey presto that’s our story!!!

Thank you for the insight Magical Universe Within


As so much insight and healing continues on for us from past traumas, and whilst we are still ‘tied’ to a nightmare situation that resulted we cannot and will not let it stop our lives. We know how valuable it is to focus trauma, ‘anger/pain’ etc. into positives, especially through creativity. So here now a new chapter begins…

**NEW PUBLICATION – LOVE unconditional a short journey in time through the eyes of Mental Health – Launching soon!

Though our story is tame in comparison to the full in-depth truth, I trust our book will be healing for the millions of beautiful souls seeking help by finding some solace in what they hear beyond the words and see beyond the imagery. To know that healing happens. I trust too that professionals in the field of mental health awareness too may find enlightenment in our words and artistry.



LOVE unconditional is more than a book of collected poetry and art. It is a confrontational piece of artistry that demands you be present and witness what happens to unloved and abused children. It is a catalyst to open your heart to bear the pain of an unloved, abused child who had to bear it alone. It is a catalyst to understanding what the torture of a child feels like from inside the child’s mind. And, it is a catalyst to bring you to a place of hope.” – Elizabeth J. Sabet PCC, ACSLC, CBC. President of ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences)


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