Divine Gift

What a Divine Gift the last year has been


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!



Whilst so many souls are still feeling lost and fearful I treasure the Divine Gift of ‘time’.

The gift of ‘time’ has brought so much healing, not only for myself but for the whole human collective. So much reflection and positive insights into the innate soul beings that we are. Souls who have chosen to experience life in human form.

Gifted with the time to go deep within, to unravel the mysteries of our shadows through discovering what is old, worn-out and obsolete. Letting it all go with loving forgiveness, allowing space for new and exciting ways of creating and be-ing to flow in. Learning new ways from all the possibilities that surround us. Infinite magic and newness waiting for us to explore and discover our own latent talents that lie within. Spring into action, burst out! Share your magic with the World.

Sharing our forgiveness sets all free. Love the powerful healer. A coming together of souls unites us all in peace. For freedom is our natural birthright.


What beautiful lessons and growth have you had? Writing out all the positives there will be so much that we never even realised were actually positive and healing for us during those moments in time.

For me, another continued year of massive growth. Amongst trauma, sadness and loss yet always with a childlike innocence of joy, positive optimism and fun. Forever young at heart, today I begin my new year with excitement, for whatever unfolds I know is in my highest and best.

This is not my usual kind of photo today… a happiness share from a yummy yummy in my tummy moment of bliss! Feeling very loved and spoilt by such tender caring thoughtfulness behind the treat. Breakfast lovingly prepared by my husband and brought to me in bed. What a gorgeous and naughty way to start the day, back on juicing later lol! Woohoo yay, its a magical feeling being 63!


Divine gift


Young at heart

Never an ‘old fuddyduddy’ at heart, today my number is one of adventure, love, and wisdom. Stay young and vibrant. We never age in our minds, simply grow and expand more and more into our infinite being, truly, its Awesome!

Keep shining your lights ever so brightly all you beautiful souls. My B-earth Day wish for you all is that you too relish and bask in the glorious healing Divine Gift of ‘time

You got this! Go out and love life from your heart.

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