The Great Awakening

with Gisele Brun

The Great Awakening Podcast

Premiering at 7:30pm UK – 2:30pm EST on Friday 6 October 2023. Click the YouTube link here to listen to the first reading for the Collective shared with the beautiful soul Gisele Brun. And of course, you can always listen to the replay anytime.


Diamond Star take you on a journey of self-enlightenment through your own faith, trust, and belief. Your soul always knowing as you feel and sense your way through this life, in sync with your spiritual essence. They continue to amaze me at every turn! Along with the incredibly magical artworks these images draw you inside their visionary beauty to reveal the messages of your soul.

Much healing energy comes through in readings too from soft and gentle to deep and profound, dependent upon your own soul journey. Imagery, words, and what you ‘hear’ beyond the words shown on the cards draw upon your own spiritual essence, your soul in this embodiment. Feeling through your human heart centre bringing loving positive energies from within you will just keep evolving and evolving in whatever way that manifests for you.

Card Readings

These ‘Soul Messages’ created in pure unconditional love depict what you need to know in the now for they know your own souls truth. Holding positive healing energy vibrations – clarity, insight and perspective are gained from the love held within this beautiful deck of cards.


“I absolutely love these cards and although they are beautifully made, the meaning behind them is amazing and takes these cards to another level all together. These are definitely the future generation cards which hold a lot more information and meaning than any other cards I have ever known. My reading blew my mind and was accurate and so in depth. I have never experienced anything like this even though I have been having my cards read for over 30yrs and I myself had a deck of cards, and often do my own readings. Would highly recommend get a set as I myself am. The next level of cards are not only stunning to look at, to me, they are unworldly.” – Nyk

“Jenny is a wonderful woman, so creative and has such a welcoming & warm aura about her. I had a whistle stop reading with her new deck of cards last week. Twas emotional and honestly believe these will take the whole tarot readings to new levels! Keep doing what you’re doing Jenny! 10/10” – Nici

Card Decks

If you would love to own your own deck, click here DIAMOND STAR.

Thank you

Thank you Gisele for inviting me back to share the healing love from the soul messages.

Please do go check out Gisele’s meditations too! They are so soothing and invigorating, awesome for enriching the soul. And there’s a whole array to choose from.

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