Reaching out today to all

Many are going through ‘dark nights of the soul’ at this time.
These experiences bring Choices. They are a gift from our soul to heal the old and worn out that we no longer need.

Just as we clean our homes, our cars, our possessions and declutter the junk so too we need to clean out our souls. Yet we always have time to dejunk. When we get triggered by events, ‘dis’-ease, words that others use, we are being shown that there is another way that we can choose to deal with what is really going on in our life, inside our own heart. Truths which our hearts really do know are always in our highest and best…once we follow through past the false evidence appearing real and deal with our darkest anxieties.

Perspective is everything. There is a difference. In saying that another triggers you is putting out blame. By switching that perception to ‘you get triggered’ is accepting responsibility for your own thoughts/words/deeds. And any ensuing consequential actions from your feelings. For to feel is to heal. What we resist will persist so today could you feel?

Have Faith in yourself. Tap into that innate wisdom you have inside and go forward with a positive you.


Feel the gift of loving forgiveness that you can give to yourself, to your own mind, body, heart and soul. Forgiveness of self is such a powerful gift. Anger and bitterness are shackles you can choose to let go of now for when we forgive ourselves we set ourselves free of all that worry and pain that came from so long ago. You do not need to carry those ‘burdens’ anymore. In forgiveness of self you set others free too. Trust in your innate power to Forgive all. From endings come new beginnings. From faith and trust comes believing!


How old are you now? Your soul is ageless. You have all the Wisdom you need inside you!

The wisdom to see triggers for what they are, an opportunity to deal with and heal. The wisdom to ‘cut the crap’ excuses and deal with your own healing. Wisdom to acknowledge what others did to you is not your fault. The wisdom to seek out help and support from others, teamwork. Innate wisdom to acknowledge there is no blame, no shame, no guilt, no need for ‘fear’ because as you feel you heal.

The wisdom to follow through on your intentions from your own strength and fortitude within, knowing that ‘you’ have got this. Wisdom of forgiveness, of self and others. The wisdom of Choice, changing perception. Wisdom to accept with grace and a smile. The wisdom to share your healing knowledge with others. The wisdom of Faith, Trust and of Belief. You have all the wisdom within. Yes, you who is reading this, You know!


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Feel – Deal – Heal


© SoulStar Faith Trust Believe!


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