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Choosing a positive mindset, an ‘I Can Do It’ attitude and a holistic (whole) approach to mental health and physical well-being, after 13 years Jenny Tollinton healed from a crippling disability that she was told she had for life. Giving back her DLA (PIP) in 2007 that was awarded for life, she went on from not being able to hold a piece of paper to chiselling, decorating and more. After speaking out to MP’s down at the House of Commons in 2004 about the importance of preventative health measures being mandatory in the workplace she went on to further self-publish (not for profit) a second book detailing her recovery, until being inspired to create her own business. Jenny’s philosophy is that if you choose to believe those who say you can’t get better, then likely you may not (whilst recognising that healing is to the best of your own body’s ability given one’s personal circumstances).

Putting her faith and trust in the hands of her own body’s innate ability to inherently know how to heal itself, believing it is possible for anyone to change, she sees many others all around her too who are living with the amazing proof that body and mind really do know how to heal, when we choose to stop and listen.

Jenny believes so much damage is done in society by misunderstandings. In recent years, experiencing more personal challenges that saw both her and loved ones’ encounter stigma, abuse, apathy, condemnation, homelessness, food banks, debt… amongst the harrowing process of being caught in a ‘health system’ where the true nature of how ‘labels’, ‘illness’ and ‘dis’-ease impact upon our mental health and well-being are often misunderstood at the core root level. Wondering why, as certain conditions are recognised by society as ‘illness / dis-ease’, why then does the ‘system’ condemn those who have been ‘labelled’ as such.

One key area of concern she believes to be is a lack of training in the fundamental basics of mental health first aid. She feels that not only both her and loved one’s experiences, but that of the masses show a great need for a holistic approach as paramount for everyone’s health and well-being and looks forward to the day ‘services’ unite in offering a quality, continuity of care for all.

In her own small way, Jenny has opened what she feels is a much-needed Wellness Coaching/Soul Guidance service to the business based in the north-east UK. Her approach supports people in improving their mental health and physical well-being via guidance on self-motivation to change, achieving a balanced lifestyle, and boosting self-esteem; in addition to offering swimming tuition and healing therapies. Utilising vast teaching, health and voluntary sector skills along with her diverse life experiences, all have equipped her to provide a quality specialist service to many different clientele from all walks of life.

TENO Hands To HEALING HANDS revised 2017 e-book

*Photo by Ben White on Unsplash