Coming Home

Coming home to myself I began to remember…
Reading a post about mental healthcare has inspired me. This blog is the biggie I’ve been meaning to write for so long as there will be lots of people who don’t realise feelings of wanting to go ‘Home’ are not suicidal thoughts ❤️
As you read taking into your soul from beyond the words, may you find your peace within.
May 2022 Mental Health Awareness Month
Holistic Approach in Mental Healthcare
The post I read spoke of using a holistic approach in mental healthcare. It suggested that as well as the psychology of the mind that they should address the physiological too in their approach.
With all the knowledge out there in the world I found myself astounded by this – in their thinking that the physiological was the missing link in holistic mental healthcare.
Spirituality in Mental Healthcare  
The most vital aspect in holistic mental healthcare that is rarely if ever addressed is our core essence of being, our spirituality. Without this aspect of our soul we will never reach the whole (holistic) healing we are seeking. You wouldn’t be able to complete a jigsaw with one piece missing so why would we leave out the core essence of our being, spirituality? It makes no sense.
And I am not speaking of religion. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And not the other way around.
Spirituality is inherent in every single soul, every atom, every molecule. No matter whether we are human, animal, mammal, other worldly, we are all in essence spiritual beings. We are all separate yet all one. We all come from the same Source of Creation. All differing aspects of the one multidimensional whole.
Deep Longing to Go “Home”
In May 2016 I so calmly and peacefully wanted to go home.
I truly believed that my work here was done. I had spent my whole life helping everyone along the way the best I could, to be well and happy. From family and friends, acquaintances to strangers, and in that moment I felt complete.
Waking 8 hours later to seeing some of my family I saw on their faces a look of pure relief.
My ‘longing’ for home had absolutely nothing to do with my family, anyone else or anything that was happening at that time. It was purely about me, my soul. There was no blame, no shame, no guilt, no nothing other than an overwhelming sense of peace that being home would bring.
Only after my deep longing, a few years later did I come across an article from Lilly Nature Blessings which explains so well exactly how I was feeling. How I had been feeling for quite some time. And not for the first or last time either, recalling a time too when I was 12/13 years of age.
Quote from Lilly – Spiritual Awakening

One of the most challenging symptoms of spiritual awakening is the “deep longing to go Home”. I have had them, some of my clients and friends had them. The deep longing is an overwhelming desire to leave this planet and go back “Home”.

Mind you. I am not talking about the suicidal thoughts, or wishing you want to die and it is not caused by negative emotions like anger or loss. It is just a very simple feeling of wanting to go home, feeling like you have finished your mission on this planet.

This is usually very strong for those on a very deep spiritual path and went through many life cycles and feel like their karmic cycle is now complete. This is quite natural and it happens because you are cleansing old illusions while transforming, welcoming the truth.

Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE)

My wanting to go home was this deep personal longing. A quite natural cleansing and transforming that I was regularly doing throughout my life. My soul decided in that moment that was a part of my journey here in this lifetime.

What followed 24 hours later was a discussion with a psychiatrist who admitted they knew nothing about spirituality. They said they would like to know more. At the end of the hour they asked me, ‘so how do you feel now?’ I said I feel the same as I did yesterday. Only now (from my STE) I know why I am still here. I am meant to be. I am here to educate others of our inherent spirituality and unconditional love in any possible way that I can.
I had written an article back in 2014 with his blessing I posted the psychiatrist a copy along with a letter. Sadly, I received no response.
Yet out of this experience came only good. Further evolutionary growth as I stepped back from being there for everyone 24/7. Slowly yet surely I made time for ‘me’. Every day.
By my stepping back this also gave loved ones the opportunity when they wish, to look within to take responsibility for their own evolutionary growth too. Though I am still here for them, this time it is with boundaries on my time and energy now in place.
Knowing – Two Lives
There are two things I have always known. One is that we are all here to help each other and the second, that I will have two lives in this lifetime. And that is how it is.
My first lifetime here was spent being a human in a spiritual body always feeling different, knowing there was more to life. Oh so much more. Yet being able at times when it really mattered to trust the gut instincts of my soul. Trusting my innate wisdom to always know what is in my highest and best.
Since that day in May 2016 I know for sure to always follow ‘my own’ true feelings. I am a spiritual being having a human experience, always have been. So now in my second life in this lifetime I live my life in truth and authenticity as the sovereign being that I AM.
Evolutionary Growth
If from reading my blog here today mental health awareness is of interest to you I have further blogs you could explore. A timeline of my own evolutionary growth as it flows through in my writings. You may like to start here Or you could take a look at ‘LOVE unconditional a short journey in time through the eyes of mental health‘ to read channelled verse and gaze upon spiritual artworks to awaken the calling within your own soul.
For the peace we seek is always to be found within our own heart.
Coming Home
So taking myself ‘back to basics’ is where I began to unravel all that had gone before. Relearning from my soul, my heart centre. I had healed from a disability that I was told I had for life so I could do anything my heart desires. All I needed was to connect back to my own inherent self, Source Creator of All That Is.
As I had done before many times, I now owed it to myself to take responsibility for my own change once more. To feel better about myself and my ability to know when to say ‘no’ on my time. And to live the life I am truly meant to live.
To live in my inherent essence of home which resides within my human heart centre. Trusting in the innate wisdom of my soul.
 Now when that deep longing arises, as it does from time to time, in coming home to myself I begin to remember from my heart…


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