When we are on the precipice of change it may feel like we are taking backward steps. Remember, it is only change. And it will feel different. It must feel different, for it wouldn’t be change if it didn’t : )

Change comes about because on some level we will have chosen to experience different feelings, different situations, and new challenges. By choosing to observe the feelings that surface when these new and uncharted experiences are happening in our lives is a gift. A gift for us to learn new skills. To heal from within. Gifts that show us something in our life is shifting for the better. Yes it may feel scary, it may feel exciting, it may feel like you are out of kilter. Whatever the feelings, when we acknowledge them the miracles of creation can surface and come to fruition. Remember the calm before the storm? After the storm comes the calm.


What others think of us is of no importance. How we choose to think of ourselves is. Really feeling our emotions from our heart centre. Loving who we are, ‘warts’n’all’ is all that matters.

We are the ones who own our power. When we have made that choice from within to change then it’s inevitable come what may. Therefore as we are masters of our own destiny we get to be anything that we choose. Choosing to be fearless, to manifest our highest potential, to live in peace… Whatever it is that we choose, know that change will come.

Accept the spirit of adventure that change brings. Embrace these changes with open arms, fly high!

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