NEVER underestimate the forceful POWER of HEALING!

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There is great power in the ‘word’. Be mindful of your words. I AM is very powerful self-talk!

As thoughts create our life it is important to keep healthy, kind and loving peaceful thoughts of happiness and joy uppermost in our hearts. Keeping faith, we know we can begin anew in any moment so no matter what has gone before we can change in an instant, all it takes is that one switch of perception.

Sometimes thoughts create decisions we believed in that moment to be in our, or in our children’s highest and best. These decisions though may have cause and effect on another simply because we were unable to comprehend the others trauma in that one ‘thought’ moment because we too were in our own space of unease.

To comprehend trauma that another is living through whilst doing their best to free themselves from the atrocities of their past may be difficult to grasp. Decisions we make based on thought alone may have detrimental affects on our relationships or our relationship with our children when all that was needed in that moment is a switch in perception.

Taking ourselves into that others space for just a moment. Sit in reflection, be in that others space, feel the effects those decisions will have for them, how will they feel… how will you feel in knowing?

What ‘thoughts’ are you holding on to that you could release today?

© SoulStar Cards – Faith Trust Believe!

Be still in this moment. Take a deep breath in, hold… as you begin to slowly breathe out, FEEL… what has happened to that thought now?

Did the angst dissipate; the fear diminish; did LOVE and forgiveness expand out from your heart centre; are you feeling different, lighter; have you completely forgotten what the thought even was?

Everyone deserves to live a life worth living. So whilst decisions may have been taken whilst in thought if we stop and really FEEL, being mindful to be still in the moment we can forgive ourself and others of that thought, and instead feel love and compassion for all from our heart.

We are all separate yet all the same in essence – one consciousness above and beyond – we are all worthy and deserving of the very best loving peaceful life. When we each take responsibility for the repercussions hasty actions could have based purely on thought alone, instead pausing in that moment to really feel first, then all of humanity wins.

There is so much power in our thoughts and words that when used wisely can turn any feelings into infinite joy. What love can you give to yourself and others today?

Keep words and thoughts positive, kind and nurturing. Remember you have choice. You can switch those negative thoughts simply by taking a breath and feeling into them before reacting. Never underestimate the power of the word. NEVER underestimate the forceful power of the healing pause, and NEVER underestimate the forceful power of your own healing abilities!




I AM… I CHOOSE because I CAN💕

Sending out so much loving healing energy to you all, enjoy an amazingly beautiful HEALING life full of LOVE, laughter and happiness.


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Our soul essence is WISE beyond measure. Our spirit destined to evolve higher in wisdom as we live out our truth through our heart centre.

Mindful of where thoughts can take us. What are we seeking to bring into our lives? With positive optimism from an open heart filled with infinite love we can tap into that wisdom which is always within, without, and all around us.

Our thoughts may become entangled for a while as we navigate through the mysteries of life. Like a game of checkers, sometimes our thoughts may get stuck in a web of negativity. They may bounce up and down like a yo-yo on a string. They may twist and turn like fire crackers or a cathryn wheel whirring on the spot until those thoughts burst out!

Or we can sit and watch, being the silent observer. Allowing our sensitivity to be our guide, for in so much as our minds may get tortured by life, always remember, our souls never do.

Allowing our Spark within, that light of our soul essence to burn bright, feel it’s warmth as it caresses our heart enveloping us in LOVE, pure and unconditional love. Listen to the kindness our heart has for us, feel it, soak it in to every fibre, every cell. Let positivity burst forth.

As we grow in wisdom we remain ever youthful in our heart as we let our wisdom guide. Accepting our own destiny with grace and a smile, simply watching as others learn from our wisdom just as we did from our ancestors before us.

This card holds such a ‘calm after the storm’ soul message.

© SoulStar Cards – Faith Trust Believe!

Remaining in gratitude for all that those fire cracker moments have taught us. Listen to our soul essence wisdom. Hear the wisdom singing in our soul. With feelings of gratitude we can watch and observe as these feelings bring the calm, the stillness of life, the joy, the peace. Open your heart centre wide, let your wisdom BREATHE… ahh now how GOOD does that FEEL?

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I see and feel many lost souls…


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HELLO from the Sea!

What an absolutely glorious day out in the fresh sea air ‘HELLO everyone’ day!

I am so grateful to live by the sea. After over 50 years of inner city living always longing to live by the sea the last nine years have been refreshingly delightful. I love my brisk walks and how lovely it was too today to see so many little ones from my swimming classes out with their families. Missing them all.

A SMILE and a cheery hello works wonders for the soul, so nourishing.

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Soul Nourishment

Love, the nourishment of the soul. LOVE supersedes all.

Love resides in the very core of our being, without this love we would not BE. Love beats out from our human heart centre. Can you FEEL it?

As each new day begins anew remembering love is always within, without, all around us as the day feels lighter and brighter from the start. What did you love today?

‘I love my body. I love my heart. I love my soul. I love the very essence of my being.’ Gratitude elevates love. Being thankful for our breath as our beating human heart pumps oxygen around our body, fuelling us with life. Feeling into our heartbeat, feeling the love for self and all beings. What loving kindness did you share with yourself and others today?

Love fuels our self-belief. Love, the driving force of our reality when we can only but see this through the myriad of foggy ‘thinking’. Without love we are nothing. Love is the fuel of our eternal flame, our SPARK within. Remembering that light which can never be diminished, that force field of love we can then create the kind of loving peaceful world we want to live in.

How are you continuing to love yourself and shine out your love to others today?

Believe! The HEALING power of love is within, without and all around us always. If you are struggling, remember to feel into your heart centre…

LOVE supersedes ALL 💎

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Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude

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Never doubt your truth

Believe in the conviction of your own truth.

When our faith and our trust becomes lost in doubt as it can at times, remember never to doubt the truth within your own heart.

Keep believing in the power of our own soul, our own heart truth. This weekend I heard a message loud and and clear from a wonderful soul whose words always resonate so much within my own heart centre, thank you John 💛 Those words were The power of the pause” – John Shearer, Mindfulness Master We are all the master of our own destiny. When we pause and hold the loving frequencies from within with mindful connection we are shown our truth. FEEL it, hear it, touch it, taste it, smell it, SENSE it with every fibre of your being.

Feeling through our heart centre reaches into the depths of all the innate wisdom and knowledge that lies inside this loving space just waiting for us with joyous rapture to burst forward through our creative senses!

Smile & Shine fearLESS & Free!

Having written these words from my own heart centre I was drawn to hold the cards to my heart. Always believing, I asked to be shown a message for the collective, humanity, the multiverse. They never cease to amaze, could not be more apt!

Pause, in this moment. Hear and Feel your bodies message as you tune into your own heart centre. You know Anything IS possible 💫

Never, EVER doubt your truth!

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Keep being the STAR that you are! 💎

Remember we are multifaceted beings…this card is the TRUMP card in the deck!

© SoulStar Cards – Faith Trust Believe!

Going within into our heart centre we can draw upon all the wisdom of the entire multiverse when we just remain still. Listen and FEEL for answers, they are there. No one and nothing except our very own heart knows our truth. We can BE who we are, beautiful souls of the multiverse.

Setting the intention of our desires; feeling through our loving heart centre; visualising all the love and peace that is all around, we can manifest in our highest and best for the good of all humanity.

This card is also the 13 Chakra card, are you grounding daily, connecting your physical body through your Soul and Spirit to Source/Creator of All? Remaining grounded is so very, very important, now more than ever. Setting our intention first and foremost there are so many ways that we can do this from simple grounding techniques to the more in-depth total immersion in our salty seas or bath.

Wherever you are in this now moment I share with you much love, wishing you the greatest peace and happiness always 💎


Retreat into our HEART CENTRE

In these times of ‘chaos’ before the calm it can be hard to get the ‘head’ around it all.

Be kind to YOU. Feel from your heart centre for that is where our truth lies. When we truly feel from this loving space of our own heart with faith, trusting that we are divinely protected at all times the mind can start to ease off and cut us some slack.

Hold the faith that we did chose to be here at this monumental time. Tap into that innate indomitable spirit of yours! We do hold within our soul all the stamina we need to stay strong in these times, to be our own Sovereign, our own king. Feeling into our heart centre, breathing slow, long, and deep we will find the reserves of strength in the depths of our soul that we need.

Remaining mindful that we can only help others when our own cup is full, tender loving care is what our souls need right now. Retreat into our heart centre. Giving to ourself masses of SELF-care from that most loving space. Bathing, exercising, meditating, feeding our minds nourishing kind and compassionate encouraging words full of self-love, positivity and optimism. Eating nourishing foods that feed our very soul. Drinking plenty of water.

Nourishing our soul first and foremost for our sensitivity really is such a gift as it helps us to see the bigger picture as we feel all that is going on around us. And as we feel, we know. We know that what has gone before is now over, all that ridicule of who we truly are is now past. We know who we are! What we feel, we know, our heart centre TRUTH.

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Soul Guidance



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