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Because mental health matters – I have made some minor changes to the following invitation which I wrote way back in 2014. As we approach World Mental Health Day once more it feels time for a re-share. I will also be sharing a new post this Saturday 10 October 2020 on my perspective of Healing.


This paper is an invitation to mental health bodies worldwide to work in tandem together with healing practitioners around the world. Rather than working in contradiction. Every healing modality known to humankind is every human’s birth right. And as such every human being has a right to choose from the whole of the medical, indigenous, complementary techniques which healing modalities they wish to use for their own healing. In the field of holistic, whole body healing practice, it is believed that all techniques can work complementary side by side with each other as part of one’s healing pathway. As respect is given to that end to those in the field of western and medical origin, it will be massively beneficial for healing of the worldwide population when holistic practitioners too are shown the same mutual respect.

No doctorate or professor of science, my work is based in truth. Truth of the Inherent Soul. We have no need for pieces of paper full of statistical evidence-based information to know the truth of our soul. Our soul sings with love when we follow our inner guidance. When something works for us, it works. We have no need to question how, analyse or pull to shreds that which is inherently given. Our bodies own natural healing intelligence.


We have a choice. We have a right to choose which course of healing we would like. To make this choice by being informed of all our options. Whether they be of western, medical, indigenous or complementary origin. With the right network of support in place which is vital. Rather than being bamboozled into drug induced existences which simply mask that which needs resolving, in working together we can explore other ways to heal. If that is our wish. It is our birth right to choose what happens to our own bodies. I have not endured all that I have both personally, and through my work to not know this to be true.

Scepticism is fear. Fear is based in the ego. When fear is allowed to breed it brings with it panic, anxiety, paranoia, depression, bulimia, co-dependency… The downward pattern so easy for professionals to see forming. Yet not as easy to recognise when you are the one ‘stuck’ in that cycle. All of the above lead to damaging “labels” and “ism’s” which are not helpful as they further exacerbate symptoms. Yet there are ways of stopping all these. Almost all of which will be illogical ego-based fears in their tracks. We do this by facing them head on!

I have years of proof, as do millions of other healing practitioners. Proof which, due to client confidentiality can only be told when others step forward with their healing stories.


The base of my work is pure unconditional love, starting with self. As holistic simply means whole, client work looks at the entire being from the inside out. As practitioners, we are not ‘new age hippies’, weird or whacky. Quite simply we work from our true inherent knowledge, that of loving energy. Energy is in everything and there are many and varied ways of carrying out energy healings which help in clearing blocked and stagnant flow. Not only in people, but animals, homes, offices, cars, land, objects, etc. All forms of energy healing help affect change by causing a shift in the energy vibration.


I believe that all modalities whatever their origin, can work side by side during the healing process. This complementary approach embraces all aspects of the entire being. Leaving out any aspect only leads to further stagnation on the healing pathway, halting a full recovery.

Over 35 years ago now I read a survey that stated 1 in 10 psychiatrists did not believe in schizophrenia rather they believed that another energy (entity) was actually the cause of their clients ‘hearing voices’. I can relate to, and have seen face-to-face proof of this in many healing sessions. I believe that many millions of people are unaware that they are actually tuned into their inherent sense of knowing and being. And their natural psychic abilities. Many have been ‘admonished’ for these known senses in early childhood through today’s harmful ‘labelling’. Therefore causing great confusion in their minds as they seem forced to battle through societies ‘rules’ which go against their own inherent beliefs. Millions are also living with attached energy that does not belong to them.

Energy release

Energies can have attached in many ways. They can be from being in and around hospitals and operating theatres, cemeteries, crowded places, playing violent computer games, watching TV, anon. In the case of addictions such as alcohol or drug abuse often people are carrying around another’s negative energy in their auric fields. For example, when ‘in drink’ an individual can be more susceptive to ‘attack’ from these negative energies. There is always more to the surface presentation than meets the eye…

Even though these other energies, entities that do not belong to an individual can also have attached as early as pre-birth, often many attaching when in early childhood or teens years they are nothing to fear and quite simply just need releasing. Using energy healing the aura can be healed. Then protection taught thus stopping these negative energies from ‘attaching’ themselves to individuals. From my experience in unrelenting cases, I believe these negative energies cause an imbalance in the nervous system.

Nervous system

The nervous system is the central core of a humans be-ing. When this is unbalanced it creates disharmony on every level, i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In society today, the central nervous system can often be affected by environmental, nutritional and financial discord too. Problems in the nervous system can escalate when a person is experiencing very minor fears and anxiety. From feelings like ‘that’s not me’ right through to catastrophic paranoiac, addictive self-sabotaging traumatic abuse. And may also present as personality disorders.

A lot of society’s ‘man-made’ rules and regulations can cause our mind, body and spirit to be in disharmony due to conflicting thought processes. Society places these thoughts as ‘labels’ into people’s minds causing them to think that they are x, y or z when in actual fact they are not. This imbalance in the nervous system is the underlying cause of much, again as labelled by society, mental illness. This can be released when healed at source. Energy clearing/entity release is vital in the first instance in any healing in order to work with the actual soul as is. When a person is ready and they actually want to get well then ‘Miracles can and DO occur’! I have borne witness to this many times.

Core beliefs

Core beliefs are ‘set’ in our minds during early childhood. They can feel so embedded that we may feel that there is little or no hope of recovery. Along with any process of change which is bound to bring with it a certain amount of fear. Often it is only the fear of that fear that stops us from actively doing anything about healing from within. This coupled with, ‘where do I look for help?’ A change in perception is all it takes.

Believing in the power of healing. Trusting that the process is working. Keeping the faith. There are many healing stories across the world. Louise L Hay healing herself of cancer before going on to own her own publishing company. A company which now helps so many other people by sharing knowledge of how they too can learn to heal. Louise was my own inspiration to heal from a crippling ‘dis’-ability after 13 years of being ‘labelled’ 20% disabled for life. I went on to self-publish (not for profit) two of my own books. The first of which was ‘written’ using voice activated software. Then unheard of upon healing, to give back my DLA (PIP).

Spiritual breakthrough

The Indigenous and Shamanic cultures belief of ill health is that rather than having a ‘breakdown’, what we actually have is a healing crisis, a ‘breakthrough’! Using Shamanic healing during my own and loved one’s journey’s I finally found my 1 in 10 psychiatrists that I had always been searching for. I truly came to understand what I inherently know, as my sense of knowing was now at last understood by others. Our bodies are very clever; they do know how to heal themselves, when we are given informed choices in our healing recovery.


In conclusion, every healing modality known to humankind is every human’s birth right. And as such every human being has a right to choose from the whole of the medical, indigenous, complementary techniques which healing modalities they wish to combine on their own healing pathway to bring about their own whole-being healing. I invite all mental health bodies worldwide. Rather than undo all the good work that healing practitioners do worldwide by scaremongering the public and giving western, medical professionals false safety in numbers. Work together in unison embracing the knowledge of those in the holistic healing practitioner field. Show that same mutual teamwork respect they have for you.

My work is my life and I take my work very seriously… Because Mental Health Matters…


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