Be that beautiful soul that you are

Be that beautiful soul that you are on the inside on the outside too.

Hello, take a moment to sit and feel how you are. Are you searching for that elusive ‘something’? You just might find your answer within the pages of my site as I share with you the kind of help and support you can find here. I hope that you enjoy taking this little visit around today. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can help you in any way. Remember, I have a complimentary discovery call if you are unsure about what kind of help it is that you are seeking.


Welcome to the Home of Love – Positive toning of Body, Mind and Soul. The home where healing happens.

Here’s a little overview of some of the services and products that I offer. Dependent upon your energy healing needs there are also further healing services available, not listed here.


Spiritual Coaching

With Spiritual Coaching, my guidance and support help you get your life back on track.

I connect with your heart, mind and soul energy to help you clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter to hear your intuitive voice. Our intuitive self, beliefs and childhood conditioning shape who we are, how we react to challenges and how we experience life. I use my innate wisdom to connect with your inner energy. Working together I’ll empower you with the skills to expertly navigate your shadow emotions, daily stresses and lifestyle hurdles.

It is my life passion, helping others! Remember, I have a complimentary discovery call to help you decide whether I am the right Spiritual Coach for you. And I keep my prices affordable so that I am able to help as many beautiful souls as possible to live their lives in a happier, healthier more positive and freeing way.

Energy Healing

You can find me registered here on the RASA the Reiki And Seichem Association for Reiki and Seichem Healers. And here.

As powerful as in person and more so in lots of cases, all healings are channelled remotely.

Reiki Seichem

Whether it’s stress, health problems, sleeplessness, illness or pain drawing you to me, regular Reiki Seichem sessions can promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and in some cases, reduce your reliance on medications. It is also a beautiful modality for anyone facing the end of life process. By promoting relaxation, Reiki Seichem reduces the effects of physical and emotional stress making the last stages until passing a calm and peaceful process.

Light Language

Light Language is the unique language of the soul. This ‘language’ is our natural born language before the form of what we know today as language. The energy of Light Language resonates through me as the healing facilitator to initiate energy clearing, balancing, and alignment on a profoundly spiritual and cellular level. Helping to heal past trauma, remove deep energy blocks, and reignite and awaken our light within.

I email the recording to you as listening again will continue the vibrational healing at home.

Sound Healing

The magic in my Sound Healing sessions is my Handpan drum. The healing frequencies help relieve anxiety and depression, improve sleep and boost wellbeing. Sessions also help in decreasing mood swings and bring clarity of mind.

I email the recording to you as listening again will continue the vibrational healing at home.

SoulStar Card Readings

My SoulStar card readings are alive with Universal Source energy that connects me with you through my innate intuitive wisdom to bring through messages from your soul. Sometimes I may receive messages too from your loved ones in spirit.

Whether you’re stuck and unable to answer questions about life, relationships, work, finances, or your health – my SoulStar card readings will bring the clarity, insight and perspective you’ve been seeking. You can take comfort in that my readings are always positive, on point, and in the now.



LOVE unconditional a short journey in time through the eyes of mental health

My Healing Perspective


SoulStar Cards

Currently out of stock online. Though if you are quick and live near North Yorkshire UK you may be fortunate to purchase one of the last remaining decks from Rainbow Shells and Gems in Whitby, YO21 3PP

Have you felt that dive into your elusive ‘something’? To further help you I have been blogging since 2017 about love and all things spiritual. Why not check out my blog link, you never know what nuggets of delightful insights you might find in there that nurture your soul.

Today, be that beautiful soul that you are on the inside on the outside too

I’m here to help in any way that I can. So please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am more than happy to have that free initial chat to see how I may help you. Sending so much love to you all.

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