💎Soul Guidance💎

💫Helping those who wish to help themselves💫

💎Soul Guidance💎

21 days left for an energy exchange session, ends 21/12/2020



Pushing through…BELIEVE!

Pushing through the dark night of the soul is no mean feat… I so honour each and everyone of you for your strength and stamina and fortitude of spirit 💚

At times in years past I have pushed through dark nights of the soul only to emerge stronger, even more certain in my own power, certain of the power of love. That love truly is the be all and end all. For it is love, pure and unconditional at the core, the very essence of our being that brings about our healing and our soul growth.

My own dark night experiences are why I am able to help guide other souls to understand the meaning of this pure and unconditional force that is LOVE. To understand that no matter what has gone before, you CAN move forward into the light, and into brighter happier experiences becoming more whole and grounded in your entire being.

I know how that struggle feels deep inside, the torment, the pain, the anguish. I also know that there is light at the end of that tunnel.

Through love of self first, we owe it to ourselves to be kind and gentle on our soul as we emerge from that darkness. Trusting in the pure force of love. Honouring ourself for all that has gone before. Recognising that acceptance and forgiveness must follow now for us to truly be free. Free to be who we are. Free to be our own uniqueness. Free to flow in divine love as is our birthright.

With loving support surrounding us we begin to believe. To believe in ourself as we make that conscious choice to change. Listen and feel from our heart for that is where our truth lies.

Becoming fearless as we travel through these dark nights of the soul, for it is the messages that these bring to us that help us find our wisdom within.

Once you have made it through the darkness you know that tiny spark within never ever went out 💫

💫 May you all truly come to know yourselves 💫


Make TODAY your day! 💫

💫Make TODAY your day!💫

No matter what day you see this post please know you are meant to.

You are your own power, your own infinite wisdom. The uniqueness of YOU is special to you. Gazing into the image…

If you feel to withdraw and cosy up into yourself know that is ok. Cocooning yourself in a warm glowing orange womb like state of love and bliss feeling restful peace and renewed vision stirring within. FEEL your power deep within your heart centre glowing outwards yet always beginning from self. SELF-LOVE is rooted in the very core of your being, feel this love of and for you. Never can it be diminished for it is eternal, always there. Rooted in the very heart centre of your being, it is your SPARK of LIFE!

If you feel to hop, skip and jump that’s ok too. Bouncing around on the waves, crunching through the red, yellow, golden brown autumn leaves, not a care in the world. Playing in the sand or the snow, dancing in the rain as the rainbows shine their magic through the ether. Laughing joyfully, breathing in all the wondrous smells of nature, of life and all ONENESS. Feel yourself rooted through your very being into whatever you do for you today.

Make today the day you drop that angst, that resentment, those feelings of nothingness… YOU ARE LOVED because YOU EXIST 💛

Whatever you choose, remember it is your choice always, for you are an infinite divine being of pure unconditional love able to create all that which you wish to have in your life. Your energy sparks anew from within. Go inwards, go outwards, sideways, up and down 😂 make memories of FUN, LOVE and LAUGHTER!

💫TODAY is YOUR day!💫






I have thee most beautiful kind and caring souls in my circle 💎

I honour each and everyone of you as you heal your shadows 💎

As we each ‘feel through’, clearing and cleansing we help the whole collective to heal.



Hold the LOVE 💛

Now more than ever, hold the LOVE, working together in harmony is how we shine through.

Trusting in our own inherent WISDOM.

Using our knowledge for the good of all, we CAN make a difference in our world.

BELIEVE in the power of your ‘I AM‘ presence 💛


Let go, let LOVE 💚

In these times of endings remember to keep the Faith Trust Believe!

Working on our own shadows we can push through the dark nights of the soul. Feel that spark within that lights your way out of the darkness. Shedding the layers of old like the snake sheds their skin, allowing for further growth. Reach out to others with faith, knowing that they are with you, always by your side.

Forgiving all with no exceptions, starting with self is the way forward 💚 Move through love from your heart, feeling, releasing. Trusting that what has gone before can now be let go of. It has served it’s purpose now.

Shining LOVE wherever we go. Bringing happiness and joy into the lives of others only lifts us higher and higher too. BELIEVE in the goodness that we truly are.

Know that YOU GOT THIS!





We have a choice. We can choose to live from our heart centre. We can choose to surround with love everything in our lives. We can choose to forgive in every situation. We can choose to live from the compassionate heart space of our being. We do this through FEELING.

Sitting in quiet reflection FEEL our feelings in our heart centre. Trust our sense of knowing as our heart knows it’s truth.

‘We have the ability to FEEL. We have the ability to HEAL.’

Being kind and gentle with ourself as we allow these feelings to wash through, letting go of all that is no longer needed in our life. Allowing our tears to flow is our bodies natural releasing way of healing as we begin again. Remember the blue sky. Feel the LOVE that we truly are in the essence of our being. When we feel and heal, the ripple effect runs through our ancestry back through the eons of time, helping all to heal. We have a responsibility to self to fulfil in this lifetime, to FEEL. To feel through all our experiences, sharing with others gives hope and a sense of community.

Feeling through to the healing brings with it new choices. New ways of being, of living, creating. New ways of sharing our talents and abilities through teamwork. New ways of working together in UNITY for the good of all humankind.


Ancestral Healing 💎

Chelle Da Voil and I have been working together with Heart Speak that channels through me and is transcribed through Chelle. We would really love to hear your thoughts.

Tonight we have tried something new and asked specifically for a Heart Speak message for all of humankind from our Ancestors, on this special Hallows Eve 2020.

We hope that you all feel LOVE from your Ancestors with this message 💎

Ancestral Healing 31 October 2020

“We are near not apart,

we check in on you…..

you call on us….

your name goes back far, centuries walk with you,

Our name calls when your sad,

We don’t allow you to sit in the dark,

we send off the black with light,

Our names are in you,

Part of you,

Don’t doubt,

You can tune us in, (hear)

You can call our name,

We’ll heal your pains,

We are all together,

Family party, (crowd of family)

The lines are sacred, (family lines)

Your all going through change,

We Pour healing from the heart,

Can you see through this song

Hold my hand now, come on,

You can hear now our soul, in our healing song.”