Astrological New Year

Astrological New Year Wishes of love, peace and happiness to you all on this March Vernal Equinox.

20/03/2022 What a glorious day!
As we begin this Astrological New Year 2022 feel the fresh newness in the air.
Ah…can you feel it?
As well as celebrating the new astrological year, for most cultures today 20/03/2022 also marks the Vernal Equinox where we are experiencing balance. A day in the year where we have equal light and dark. And in that light and dark we can learn so much. Learning through our emotions, remembering not only in being kind to others to be kind to ourselves too along the way. For our emotions are indeed important feelings to be honoured.


Be someone's reason for living Faith 10



As we sit with our emotions for a while, feeling into them from our heart centre we can hear the messages they bring from our soul. The sadness and joy, the anger and the pain, the anticipation and excitement. Learning from each and every experience see how much we flourish. And just watch if we choose to feel ‘fear’ as excitement as our whole perception changes, shifting us into new and exciting opportunities.
Every emotion is an aspect of self. Honouring each and every emotion does not mean though that we need stay stuck in it’s perpetual state. Acceptance of all aspects of self gives us opportunities for soul growth. Asking for all aspects of our self to make peace with each other is a gift we can give to ourselves on this glorious New Year day 2022.
Feeling, hearing, sensing, taps us into our knowing. Our knowing that we are whole, balanced and free. Free to be who we came here to earth to be. So whilst we experience all these emotions know that they are part of us yet do not define us.


Change Faith 12


I AM… Anything I choose! What a fantastic card to begin a new year. Endless possibilities and adventures, intuitive insights abound. “I say yes for I AM enough.”
I love this time of year. And not just because of my own special 22 day in 2022. Family and friends have birthdays too both today and through this week. What a great day today is to have a Birthday! All are talented souls who will shine their gifts so strongly now. March is a month when new beginnings emerge. For me March brings a time of great joy and happiness in my heart. Along with feelings of gratitude for life, love, friendships and all round abundance. What is the merry month of March bringing in for you I wonder… have yourselves a very awesomely happy vernal equinox New Year day!
Sending all souls Astrological Wishes of love, peace and happiness
Here’s to a great year everyone!
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