Aspirations! What aspirations do you have I wonder.
What has gone good for you in recent weeks? From the simplest act of being able to take a breath to the majestic heights of new adventures…
However little it may seem it is always a positive as we ‘did’ something 🙂
What newness do you want to bring into your life? How do you wish to see your life change? Know that you can do it!
Aspire to being inventive, creative, imaginary, taking that leap of faith.
There is no better feeling than the exhilaration of accomplishment. And no age to starting anything new.
I remember my brother when he was 50 saying he was too old for anything new and me saying you are never too old, age is only a number. And now in his 70’s guess what? He is doing new things, and best…the music that has always been in his soul!
I always wanted to learn to scuba dive and when I was 50 I did just that. In the freezing cold waters of Capernwray on the edge of the lake district. Yes I have a gutsy side, lol. And though scary in parts I did it, and what an awesome experience.
Now I am absolutely buzzing again to share with you my new adventure which began at 7:30 am on 19 April 2022.
 “I finally did it this morning!!! Got myself in the sea, yay! And it felt amazing! I had been promising myself I would do this ever since we came to live here 10 years ago!”


Now thanks to the lovely awesome ladies who began swimming lessons with me about 3 months ago I am at last sea swimming! Well more like happily jumping the waves to begin with 🙂 Depends on the waves on the day, forever different and ever as exciting.
We absolutely love it. The fun, the joy, the exhilaration, the company and of course the fitness. It’s an incredible activity!
Letting out squeals of delight from our inner child is great for our soul. Helping to manage stress levels too, it’s great for mental health and well-being. The cold water helps our body to produce more of the hormone prolactin too, bringing the bonus of a good night’s sleep, ah zzzzz
It helps too that I have been cold showering every morning for almost 18 months that I was able to build up from my first 7 minute dip to 13, 16, and now 20-25 minutes. The feeling of aliveness is incredible! What a great way to start the day. And with such beautiful souls too. Even had a Birthday celebration after this mornings vibrantly alive waves. The laughter is immense. So, so good for the soul.


Why did it take me so long? Because like lots of souls I prevaricated. Being a Spiritual Coach and Mentor for others doesn’t mean I too don’t need motivating!
Appealing to you…
Check out this link for information on the benefits and safety of sea swimming
And even if you can only manage a paddle, to watch a video or look at a photograph you can still visualise and feel the feelings of delight and freedom open water brings to our soul. You too will smile and laugh at the joys we bring.
New thought patterns can begin in this very moment. Visualise
Challenge yourself 

So what newness do you want to bring into your life? Like my lovely ladies who are forever willing to further their goals, you can too. It can be as simple as learning breathing techniques or feeling happy. Through to riding the ocean waves of life through your own spirit of adventure.

How do you wish to see your life change? Do you aspire to be a better version of you? Challenge yourself. Book a free 15-minute consultation and let’s work together to see how I may help you aspire to be all that you can be.
Most of all enjoy an awesome merry month of May!
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