Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing

Chelle Da Voil and I have been working together with Light Language. This channels through me and is transcribed through Chelle. We would really love to hear your thoughts.

Tonight we have tried something new and asked specifically for a Light Language message for all of humankind from our Ancestors, on this special Hallows Eve 2020.

We hope that you all feel love from your Ancestors with this message.


Ancestral Healing 31 October 2020



“We are near not apart,

we check in on you…..

you call on us….

your name goes back far, centuries walk with you,

Our name calls when your sad,

We don’t allow you to sit in the dark,

we send off the black with light,

Our names are in you,

Part of you,

Don’t doubt,

You can tune us in, (hear)

You can call our name,

We’ll heal your pains,

We are all together,

Family party, (crowd of family)

The lines are sacred, (family lines)

Your all going through change,

We Pour healing from the heart,

Can you see through this song

Hold my hand now, come on,

You can hear now our soul, in our healing song.”

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