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Jenny Tollinton CSIC

As a spiritual integration coach, intuitive mentor, author and the founder of PosiTone, Jenny Tollinton has been offering holistic coaching to clients throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and worldwide for over 15 years.

Jenny’s unique ability to listen deeply and support clients throughout their personal journey gains much admiration and respect.

“When you open your heart to me, I look inside to find where you’re stuck emotionally, mentally or physically. Then together, we sort through the issues preventing you from finding happiness or making that deeper soul connection.”

Jenny is humble when talking about her Spiritual Integration Coaching. Yet, her wisdom, keen insight and timely advice make her highly sought after.

“I believe the real magic is in helping others to hear, trust and be guided by the healing energies that flow from within.”

There isn’t a week that passes where one of Jenny’s clients isn’t amazed by how loud their intuitive self speaks after receiving energy healing and clearing emotional blocks. What’s more, client’s keep saying how much more rewarding life is when you’re intuitively guided.

A lifetime of spiritual integration coaching and mental health mentoring

Underlying Jenny’s Spiritual Coaching is 30 plus years of professional experience. In 1990, Jenny qualified as a swimming teacher – a role she loved. Yet, through Jenny’s teaching abilities, her natural intuitive gift for sensing how to help others shines through.

Driven by her belief that all deserve equal access, Jenny is an advocate who works to create positive change throughout mental health and wellbeing services across the globe. And what better way to do that than lead by example.

Perhaps this is why friends and clients affectionately refer to Jenny as their online ‘Earth Angel’.

Wherever Jenny goes, whether as a healing facilitator, spiritual integration coach or mentor, her love and energy inspires others to shine.

As one client wrote, “Jenny, you always turn things around. I love it. Just what I needed, my special friend.” Read more.

Despite running a busy Spiritual Integration Coaching business, Jenny works tirelessly at instigating positive changes in the mental health and wellbeing services available in her community and worldwide. As a self-published author and freelance contributor she does this through her writings on mental health, spiritual growth, education, home birth, and other subjects close to her heart.

Jenny’s latest publication is an autobiographical continuation. ‘LOVE unconditionala short journey in time through the eyes of Mental Health’ is a collection of poems and artworks channelled from the heart in moments of sadness, despair, hope, faith, trust and belief.

“LOVE unconditional is more than a book of collected poetry and art. It is a confrontational piece of artistry that demands you be present and witness what happens to unloved and abused children.” – Elizabeth J. Sabet PCC, ACSLC, CBC. President at ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences)

Jenny is also the creator of ‘SoulStar Positivity Cards channelled enlightenment through messages that awaken the soul.

Love Unconditionally Book
More about PosiTone

“always learning, FOREVER evolving”
– Jenny Tollinton

More about PosiTone

In February 2012, driven by her passion for helping those dealing with issues to heal, Jenny established BELIEVE Holistic Therapies.

“We are all here to help and guide each other in this beautiful world in which we all live.”

Two years later, in January 2014, Jenny founded PosiTone. Her express aim was to facilitate healing for those falling through the gaps or finding themselves outside of the mental health services.

“When the body, mind, and soul are out of alignment, nothing moves forward. People get stuck, and they don’t know where to turn.”

Jenny advocates that early access to spiritual integration coaching, mentoring and holistic healing prevents many problems from snowballing. She focuses on healing the mind and soul in combining body toning exercises with motivational affirmations and deep soul listening.

Even Jenny’s personal experiences and setbacks have become a means to helping others. After all, who can shed light on emotional healing and recovery better than someone who has made the journey themselves? Listen to more of Jenny’s story here – ‘Meet Jenny Tollinton – Inspiring Spiritual Entrepreneurs with Liz Findlay’.

Today, Jenny’s focus is on treating the ‘whole’ person. As a result, PosiTone delivers a holistic range of spiritual integration coaching and healing modalities which target the body, mind and soul through her in-person and online one-to-one sessions.

Further reading and listening


ANCESTRAL HEALING by Jenny Tollinton and Chelle Da Voil

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