Alcohol awareness week

Alcohol awareness week feels a befitting time to share a little more background behind the artworks in our book ‘LOVE unconditional.’

Alcohol awareness has so many different facets to it. It’s not ‘one size fits all.’

Raw truth

There are many, and varied reasons why we can become consumed by alcohol. Not least as a crutch in times of devastating trauma. How many times have you reached for some form of crutch to help you? To help mask the pain and emotional distress you are feeling. Or to numb down for a while the anxiety and depression. Maybe it’s to drown out the oh so worrying ‘fears’ which often come to nothing other than to keep us stuck.

If we are being honest to ourselves the raw truth is, we all use some form of crutch at some point in our lives. Back in the ‘90’s during my ‘Teno’ years, consuming 2% fizzy Lambrusco to others was seen as nothing. Yet I recognised it as an addictive cycle of patterning. I vividly remember the Friday evening when I sat yet again with one bottle. A whole myriad of sweets, crisps, chocolate… What was I doing?

Simply masking the pain. And the emotional traumas…just to get me through to the next day.

Loved ones

Finally coming through those dark nights of the soul myself, I have been able to innerstand others cries for help. Able to understand how using healing energies relearnt along the way helped with my own healings. Because it is inherent within my soul that my body does know how to heal itself.

So holding loving space for those in trauma whilst they push through their own dark nights is heart breaking to watch. Frustrating to see. Yet euphoric to witness their growth and a renewed zest for life from within their own soul as they master each experience.

Stifled creativity

Working through the layers of conditioning using healing energies, my husband’s stifled creativity burst forth after 60 years! I remember so vividly the healing that brought this through. So clear is my memory of the wonderment in my husband’s eyes for 5 days afterwards.

However, with the spiritual aspect of support missing we’ve had no other choice than to continue on our own journey’s. Along with this came acknowledgement in realising that help was and always has been held within our own soul. Many lessons experienced and much growth followed. And with this new chapters begun.

Our book LOVE unconditional is not only our story. It sheds light on the experiences of other loved ones too. Including the human collective as a whole. For there are millions of people out there facing their own inner demons. Yet so many still seeking help. Who has not experienced trauma of some kind?

Flicking the switch

Turnng life around is possible.

My husband wrote these words alongside his FLICK the SWITCH ‘in my box of hell’ artwork to portray his journey from pain and anguish to wellbeing. Now he shares with his love and blessings for you all.

Those who have been unfortunate like me to be trapped in addictive patterning from childhood trauma fully understand the feelings of hopelessness, despair, and fear. Sure, the physical pain is one thing yet when you are desperate for a substance crutch, you know it kinda cures it for that moment in time.

The mental torture that engulfs your mind is at times not of this world. For we enter a zone of the unfathomable. What we see is beyond monsters, it is worse. A thousand tortured souls engulf you. Along with the words of a dialogue that we fear, and never truly understand.

Today, I am well thank god and so am able to share with you. Do take time to read the words from my box and beyond, because I get you… me, and us. – Alan


Alcohol awareness week

The Gift of Triggers – FLICK the SWITCH original artwork 50×70 cm donated to Beyond Recovery CIC



Unconditional love

I understand Alan’s words, “A thousand tortured souls engulf you.” For our souls are left open and bare to entity attachments during these times of dissociation when in the abyss of your ‘crutch’.

So many healings to release these attachments were chanelled through me helping him to move forward on his own healing journey. These releasements are only one aspect of my healing work.

I am so in awe of the relentless indomitability of my husband to push through each dark night of the soul. For he has had so many. So much to overcome, and continuing to do so despite all the odds.

So if you are struggling I hope that you can take some comfort from our share during this week of alcohol awareness. Know there is always a way out. Reach out and talk if you need. And always a listening ear here for you.

Love is the greatest gift we all possess

 We owe it to ourselves to love us. From there everything blooms and grows. Peace within, and world peace across the entire planet – I am sure that would be everyone’s wish.

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