22/02/2022 A palindrome and ambigram all rolled into one!

What on earth does that mean, you might ask… I know a palindrome is where the numbers reversed are the same both ways around. Exciting, now I’ve learnt something else new, what an ambigram is – it reads the same upside down! How awesome is today?

22 Master Builder

Birthing into this incarnation on a 22 day and regularly throughout my years seeing the number 22 everywhere at synchronistic times throughout my life these number sequence signs strengthen my resolve to keep pushing forward. For me they bring spiritual messages and insight, helping me with my life purpose. Most of all for me, whenever I see this number I know to ‘keep the faith‘.

22 is the middle number of only three powerfully important energy numbers. It signifies a Master Builder channelling wisdom from the Cosmos to bring our dreams together in unison within the spiritual and the material. It’s influential energy brings the gift to receive profound insights. Leading us into creating something which is true. Something meaningful for the greater good of all. 22 helps us when we are working on leaving a legacy for the world. Keeping us balanced and understanding of the greater power of teamwork.

Whilst 22 holds the same psychic energy as the Master number 11 through inner wisdom, hard work and mediation skills 22 brings far greater visions into being.

So a huge day of change. And not just on a personal level, on the global too.

Looking at the astrological energy of today’s date, and the synchronistic palindrome/ambigram I feel we are in a wondrous time of magic. A time when all is not as it seems in the outside world.

Today sees the Pluto Return. This only happens once every 248 years. There is so much magic in the air! Can you feel the winds of change? We are in a wonderful time of evolutionary growth. What a great time to be alive. Out of the shadows comes truth and healing for one and all.

Having written my blog, I now set Universal intention on this amazing planetary day to share a reading for the collective using my SoulStar positivity cards – Faith, Trust, Believe!

Watch the reading here https://youtu.be/w7g99tlVLHs

WOW! Look at the magical synchronicities now in the cards from what was channelled through in the words of the blog. Believe 12 – Cosmic order. Through the pure power of love focus our intentions with faith, trust in the knowing of Creator Source. Stay positive during these great winds of change. Stay free and Believe!

Hold on to LOVE!

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